Sikligar Sikhs forced to live in jungle fearing arrest in fake cases by Madhya Pradesh police

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—The Sikligar Sikhs living in Madhya Pradesh are often framed in fake cases by the state police due to which they have to suffer a lot besides their poverty-ridden lives. Once again, the Madhya Pradesh police has started framing Sikligar Sikhs of village Roohkot (District: Khargone)  in fake cases due to which most of them are forced to take shelter in the jungle.

In a video addressed to the SGPC and worldwide Sikhs, the Sikligar Sikhs have sought help in this tough time.

“We have been forced to live in the jungle and endure hardships for the last three days. We are being chased by the Adivasis too who have colluded with the police. Our three brothers are missing and we don’t even know whether they are alive or not,” informed a Sikligar Sikh in the video.           

Sikligar community continues to suffer in MP. Sharing a video from Village Roohkot, District Khargone of Madhya Pradesh where some Sikligar families are so tortured by MP Police that they are forced to leave their home and take shelter in Jungle. The trend of harassing Sikhs started by Kamalnath should end now. Urging CM Shivraj Chauhan Ji to help them.We urge Harsimrat Kaur Badal Ji to take up this issue of justice for Sikligar community in MP 🙏🏻

Posted by Manjinder Singh Sirsa on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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  1. This is another lie. I am sorry for this man’s suffering but Sikh24 is in business of generating hatred. I hope he gets justice and I hope he gets some peace and he and his family can live peacefully. But do you know how many sikligar Sikhs there are? You are lying again. Yes, something wrong is happening with this family and I dont know the whole store from both sides. But to make it sound like Hindu administration of MP is hunting down all Sikligar SIkhs is an lie and absolute lie.

    Anyone can see directly through you. What you want to do is generate hatred among Sikhs for India and Hindus to goals known to you and maybe to me up to some point. Do you know how many Hindus are suffering in India? I personally know few poor and even few poor bamans who did not have money and did not get justice.

    I recommend you that instead of making it sound like Oh India is so bad to Sikh and they are intentionally doing this to Sikhs speak truth that this is happening to innocent people and that is not only Sikhs. There are too many Hindus who are suffering as well.

    But yes, I agree justice is bad in India and I hate it. If you are rich, you can buy justice and rarely the “Actual” justice happens in India. If you are poor and get in to bad fight with bad person they can make your life hell. This I agree with you but no one is hating Sikhs and targeting sikhs because they are Sikhs. In fact, in recent years a general middle class populace respects Sikhs and this is the fact. So stop your white lies.

    • FAO Hindu singh
      You don’t know the whole story so you can’t state that sikh24 are lying either.


      1984 – Sikhs still awaiting JUSTICE, cover up after cover up, who’s lying certainly not the sikhs. The Indian government Organized rape murder, killing babies They also lied to the world that sikhs would get justice. But it will never come as those responsible are still in power.

      • Yes, I am fully aware of 1984. Yes, I am sorry it happened. Yes, I am willing to sign any petition or call or e-mail to talk to anyone so that justice happens. I am willing to stand with you. I am with you about justice for 1984 as much as you are with you. I also will never ask you to stop asking for justice, know why? Because I would do the same. I will also never tell you to forget for one minute because I wouldn’t myself.

        So yes, 1984 happened and I am very sad. That should not happen to anyone, dont wish that for even my enemy. There has been so many riots in India but that was ONLY riot where only Sikhs died. That means it was not a riot it was organized crime, organized killing.

        You tell me what I as Hindu should do? How can I make this difference? If it helps you I have been writing to many people including PM of India for many issues, but specially for 1984.

        But because of that measuring everything with the angle of 1984 and making an issue that are normal issues that are bound to happen anywhere in world, as Sikhs are being hunted and killed. By doing that you are hurting yourself and me. Why can not be there some healing? I am not saying these are good issues, they are bad, but issues like these are going to happen anywhere in world. Do you know how many Sikligar Sikhs there are? If this was happening to all SIkhligar Sikhs it would be an issue of huge proportions. But you made it sound like “Sikhligar Sikhs” in general are being forced to flee to jungles not just one family. That is the only point here. It is bad, very bad, but how you reported is as bad. That is truth accept it or not.

    • I appreciate your thoughts veere. Attending plight of the sufferers be it Sikh or Hindu should be done, justice is for all no matter whatever be the religion.
      Sikh24 is urged to be more contributive in creation and development of Sikh society. This doesn’t mean to ignore injustice to us or to our brothers. But showing every thing as discrimination of Sikhs without getting deeper information could be avoided.

  2. Sikhs will go down as one of the weakest groups of people of all time. We constantly take injustice, genocide, persecution, and hindufication by the Indian government with no resistance or desire for progression. This is what you get for glorifying and standing by a nation that DOESNT recognize your religion and has a vast history of neglect to your community but just keep living under Hindustan Happily right, doesn’t seem our religion or people are going to elevate in any aspect, and please be sure to stay silent on the issue because we already know how the Indian government responds to people speaking out on injustice through our slain brothers and sisters. A joke, open your damn eyes like the rest of the world has regarding injustice, it’s been under 50 years too, sad!!!

    • Farid
      Sikhs, hindus and christians have been butchered in Pakistan Afghanistan, how many minorities now have been left in those countries not many they have been either killed or forced to convert.
      More muslims are killed by muslim then by any other group .

  3. We can help by demonstrating outside every indian embassy for a start so the general public knows what happening in INDIA. Gurdwaras need to organise this asp, if black lives matter can demonstrate so can we.

  4. Sirsa Sahib
    Why were you so keen to give Delhi Gurdwara gold to BJP sarkar who are bent upon destroying Sikhs using police. Was it your Bapu’s property that you single handed made that decision.
    No Hindu mandir gave money. You fed langar to so many hungry people. That is what Sikhs did all over the world and is a good step.


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