Outrage among Punjabis after Amazon’s web series shows Punjabi Sikh man raping a woman

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—A sharp outrage has erupted among Punjabi Sikhs after their projection as rapists in a recently released web series named ‘Pataal Lok’ on Amazon Prime Video. In Episode #3 of this web series, a Punjabi Sikh man, accompanied by his supporters including an Amritdhari Sikh, has been shown raping a woman.

An extremely vulgar language has been used in the dialogues of this episode to present the culture of Punjab in a very poor light.

Speaking to Sikh24, SAD (Amritsar) general secretary Amrik Singh Ballowal has condemned this organized attack aimed at tarnishing the social image of Punjabi Sikhs. “This is an unbearable attack on Punjabi Sikhs. We are being targeted at a time when we are busy in serving humanity amid coronavirus pandemic,” he added.

Amrik Singh Ballowal also took on the Punjab artists who worked in this anti-social web-series just for the sake of money. “These Punjabi artists have betrayed our culture by playing immoral roles in this web series and they should be ostracized with immediate effect,” he said.       

Watch this video on YouTube.


  1. Jin logo ne ye series banayi h… unki bhi maa ko esa rape hua hoga… tbi ye idea unke andar aaya h.. its not entertaining at all… anuskha sharma ki bi maa hogi… ek baar imagine kerke dekh le apni maa ke baare me… fir reality bante der nhi lagegi…

  2. Bro have guts to fathom the truth.And ek sikh asa keya uska matlab eyee nahi ke saree asse hin hoo,there are both good and bad in every community.Series ko series ke taraah dheka,au isse me kuch nudity to nahi hai na.And even if now you are angry on rape thing,then wo jo usse sikhoon ne bully keya aur,jo saar kat keye layee wo to kiso ko nahi dheka,Bro timepass karne ke leye dheko,aur agar asse hi chutiya case files karogae,then kabhi ko series hin nahi banayaga.Everyone in India knows how polite and generous sikhs are,one webseries will not change the midset,and if ita changing that means we need to literate people first.

    • Tabhi toh saale hindus mein aur baaki religions mein rapist zaidaa hote hai kab, entertainment ke liye dekhte dekhte yeh common baat ho jaati hai

  3. Patallok 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 zero rating for this.. Today only sikh people are helping and aiding to the world!!!! Not anybody else 😡

  4. “Patal Lok” has shown many things against Hindu as well. A FIR has been filed against Anuskha sharma. She should be ashamed of herself. Bollywood as always shows things against Hindu.

  5. “Patal Lok” has attacked on Hindu religion as well. A FIR has been filed against Anushka sharma. She should be ashamed of herself. Bollywood always shows anti Hindu things. Bollywood is full of Muslims and so called Liberals.

  6. It’s very shameful act by the film producer’s how they are giving/teaching the society as well asaming the sikh community with volgour dialogues.questions arises how our film censor board permit to do so? Now it’s time to take action against film producers/actors ad well as censor board.the film must be immediately banned.


  8. It’s a drama. If you believe a drama can undo your years of goodness or drama can corrupt a person by undoing years of good up upbringing then either you’ve insecurity with regards to your upbringing or you’re wrong imho

    • Why you want to show a community wrong in any such light considering the years of good work and till now. Have you seen or heard sikh rapists? And moreover, youre talking about upbringing of us watching, what do you say about the upbringing of the makers of the series? Defending anything negative doesnt make you wiser.

  9. amazon is hind owned, and promoted Darbar Sahib rugs, so should have been be boycotted since that beadbi began!
    nothing sikhi about such sikhs in this movie, and kirpa Vahiguroo sharam karo to censor such immoral scene!!

    • tu btayega image punjab ki? jitna logo ka sikh krte gai na koi religion nhi krta … or aaj se nhi shuru se hi .. or yaha rape ki baat ho rhi hai na to history utha kr dekh le .. jisko tum jaise log bolte ho na ki 12 bj gye sardaaro ke te vo to betaa ji aapki hindu aurato ko musalmaan uthakr le gye thy rape kiya gya tha or 12 bje sardaaro ne jaakr unko laaye thy.
      to ye jo ghatiya soch h na apne pass rkh .

    • Do you live in Punjab.. Have u ever visited in Punjab.. They are most humble persons.. And do you know Punjab is the number one state where the least number of rape cases in india.

  10. If one looks at the cast, it’s mixed up!
    Anushka Sharma(known Bollywood actress) is the co-producer and has been served a legal notice for a slur on the Gorkha Nepali community.
    Sikhs need to push this too!

  11. It’s all about money for actors, singers and people in show biz. You can count on fingertips the artists who are “moral”. But above all it’s the public who puts them in pedestal for hero or heroine worship.

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