#SaveAfghanSikhs: Afghan Sikhs again ask India to rescue them from Afghanistan

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—The Afghan Sikhs have again appealed the Indian government to rescue them from Afghanistan and help them in getting rehabilitated by providing political asylum. They have said that they are living in Afghanistan only to look after the historic Gurdwaras otherwise there is no hope of their risk-free survival in Afghanistan.

“We have already provided information about our legal identity documents including passports to the Indian envoy, but there is no response yet,” they said.

It may be recalled here that the Afghan Sikhs had earlier written a letter to the Indian government seeking help. “The situation here is very volatile and dangerous… We have taken this threat very seriously,” Afghan Sikhs had said about the recent threats to their lives, in a letter addressed to the Indian Government officials.

The letter was sent to India’s External Affairs, Internal Affairs as well as to Harsimrat K Badal through Manjinder Singh Sirsa.

“The current situation is that the Afghanistan Government got India to open its airspace to evacuate the Afghan citizens from India. About 2500 of these are being evacuated. Kabul has chartered flights to evacuate its citizens from India. For Sikhs & Hindus who want to leave Afghanistan, this scenario provides an opportunity to board these flights that are going empty to New Delhi,” read the letter written by Afghan Sikhs.

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