SGPC appeals sangat to send wheat and other ration for langar

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—The SGPC president Gobind Singh Longowal has appealed to devotees for sending wheat and other ration for the langar at Sri Harmandir Sahib. He has also requested to send the money for Guru Ka Langar to the devotees of all countries.

Longowal has said that Sri Harmandir Sahib, situated at historical place Amritsar Sahib inhabited by Sri Guru Ram Dass Ji, is mutual for whole humanity and is central religious place of Sikhs. “Hundreds of thousands of devotees eat meal in Sri Guru Ram Dass Langar at this sacred place. Although, people are staying in their homes due to corona pandemic in entire world and the presence of devotees in Gurdwara is relatively less but despite this langar is being delivered to all needy people from all Gurdwara Sahibans including Sri Harmandir Sahib,” he said.

He said that Guru Ka Langar, which is a symbol of human unity and equality, is run with money and rations offered by the devotees. A lot of devotees are supporting with their honest earning in current crisis.

He further said that devotees should contribute some part of their earnings to Gurdwara Sahiban during the harvest of wheat crop so that langar could be delivered to needy people consistently. Similarly, the businessmen devotees should also send money and other rations for the langar of Sri Guru Ram Dass Ji from their honest earning.

Longowal also advised the devotees to recite ‘Gurbani Path’ and pray to Guru Sahib for the welfare of entire humanity.


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