Art for Jaggi

    LONDON, UK—Scottish activist Jagtar Singh Johal, abducted in early November 2017, will reach 900 days of confinement on 21 April, 2020.

    His allegations of torture remain to be investigated, he has yet to receive an independent medical examination, and the extreme action guaranteed by the U.K. government towards the Indian government has yet to be carried out.

    Most importantly, Jagtar has not been formally charged and convicted of a crime. Despite this glaring miscarriage of justice, he is detained in a maximum-security prison in India.

    In order to raise awareness for Jagtar’s case, a campaign has been organized to highlight this injustice through art.

    Anyone, regardless of age, can submit any type of work, portraying and informing others of Jagtar’s detainment. It can be through any medium, including an illustration, painting, poem, song, sculpture, sewing/knitting, or video, to name a few examples.

    Everyone is encouraged to participate. The work must be submitted digitally or through email only. If it’s a physical piece such as a painting done by hand or a sculpture, please send a clear photo of it.

    Send all work to the email address listed on the poster below.

    Please provide any information you would like posted with your work in the email, such as your name or social media.

    The deadline for submissions is 3 May 2020.

    For the latest updates on Jagtar’s case, please follow the #FreeJaggiNow campaign on social media, FreeJaggiNow.