Afghan Sikhs asked to quit Afghanistan within 10 days or get ready to be killed

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—The Afghan Sikhs living in Kabul are being threatened by the ISIS-K to quit Afghanistan. Notably, the ISIS-K had killed more than two dozen Sikhs and 8 others in a suicidal attack carried out at Gurdwara Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji.

Sharing the development with media, Kabul resident Gurnam Singh and Sarpal Singh informed that a terrorist organization has threatened them to quit Afghanistan within 10 days otherwise all of them will be killed.

They informed that the terrorist organizations are threatening them despite deployment of more than 200 Afghan soldiers around Gurdwara Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji.

After this threatening, the Kabul Sikhs are instructing each other to avoid any movement out of their houses or towards Gurdwara Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji.

The Afghan Sikhs have demanded immediate travel arrangements for their secuare evacuation from Afghanistan without naming any country.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that the Pakistan government has asked the Afghan Sikhs to get shifted in Peshawar but the Afghan Sikhs have not responded yet.

At present, there are only 600 names of Sikhs and Hindus in the voter list of Afghanistan. There are only two Gurdwaras, one in Kabul another in Jalalabad, running in Afghanistan.  


  1. […] Recently, CoHNA reached out to the Chicago City Council, urging it to stand for persecuted refugees in the Indian subcontinent by rejecting Resolution R2020-583 that sought to condemn India under the excuse of CAA, Kashmir, and more. The letter highlighted how the persecuted minorities served by CAA are on the verge of near demographic extinction having been systemically denied basic protections, freedom of religion, and a minimum standard of living. For context, each year, more than 1,000 women and children are abducted, raped, and coerced into marriages, following forced their conversion in Pakistan. In spring this year, 15-year old Mehak Kumari faced the threat of mob violence when she returned to her parents and to her faith following her abduction; and yet, she is one of the luckier ones who made it home. In Bangladesh, the Hindu population has declined from 22% in 1951 (in what used to be East Pakistan) to just 8% by 2011. In March 2020, more than 25 Sikhs were killed in Afghanistan, further decimating an already dwindled Sikh population of around 600. […]

  2. […] These persecuted minorities are on the verge of near demographic extinction and have been systemically denied a minimum standard of living. Each year, more than 1,000 women and children are abducted, raped, and coerced into marriages following forced conversion in Pakistan. In Bangladesh, the Hindu population has declined from 22% in 1951 (in what used to be East Pakistan) to just 8% by 2011. And, in March 2020, more than 25 Sikhs were killed in Afghanistan, further reducing an already dwindled Sikh population of around 600. […]

  3. 1 Sikh can against 25000 Enemies that is the power of Sikhism but its not a point when mankind leaves everything behind once you’re no existent on this earth
    Should get together and fight against pendamic of diseases, hunger and look for better living which may improve generations with better mankind

  4. Sikhs and muslims are twin brothers ,I personally condemned the attack on Sikhs in Afghanistan. To kill one person is the killing of whole mankind. Those who killed Sikh brothers and sisters in Afghan are not humans.Terrorists have no religion.every peaceful muslims stands with you..

    • Twin brothers 😄😄😄 Terrorism has indeed no religion but the terrorist had a religion which has been proved…. No cover up stories required. People already have unmasked.

    • No they are not. It is a lie that terrorists have no religion. It is always consistently the same religion. No one can hide facts.

  5. You have no bloody idea what RSS is.
    Rastriya Swayamsewa Sangh , its the biggest welfare organisation in the world and you poor uninformed is comparing with Islamic terror organisation.
    There is lot of scope of improvement in your information database.

  6. Now if Our Sikh and Hindu brothers and sisters are to leave from Afghan,where should they go to ?
    No doubt it is India and our own here don’t want them to come here even the CM of Punjab passed a resolution condeming CAA which was meant to provide citizenship to those sikhs and hindus who had already come here and are living here as ‘REFUGEES’ .These people were persucuted by the majority namely Muslims there (Pak,Afghan&bangladesh) .Now we need to bring in another CAA so that we can bring all our Brothers and sisters and they can live in peace amongst us …

  7. While this act of terrorising innocent lives is deplorable and hear wrenching, I am surprised by the animosity that is being shown in some of the comments above. If only we could go back to the fundamental teachings of Guru Nanak, his acceptance of all religions and accept each other as humans first, can we progress towards a peaceful world for our future generations. There are radicals in every religion as there are community serving and community loving people.

  8. With past experience even in India J and K all the Sikhs and Hindus should be brought to India from Afghanistan also the matter should be taken up on world label by Govt of India

  9. What ISIS want to proove from this? The Sikhs population is just in hundreds in Afganistan, अल्लाह से डरो ISIS वालो, ये वही सिख भाई है जो कभी तुम्हारे लिए लड़े थे।

    • Indian muslims were never forced to leave their lands and homes or settle in another country. Rather they were gifted with big pieces of lands to call their own country. Hypocrisy much ?

    • That is why Indian Muslim population is increasing day by day even more than Hindus if you percentage..
      This is bitter truth of Muslim populated area or country that they convert people or kill them..See the history n facts..

    • Wrong mate…..

      Indian Hindu will support Sikhs as always, get ready, India passed law to save Sikhs in any way…. CAA /NRC.
      Help is on the way…..

    • Before u spread hatred and false propoganda against other religions and communities please give some proof. The world is seeing how Islamists are exterminating any ideology other than their own. Kindly also realise that in a non Islamic society there is place and acceptance for other religions but no Islamic society in this world has place for non Muslims ..

    • Seriously?? State an evidence to your words brother. India is the only asian country place everyone lives free and one can practice there own belief.

    • Tum log bsdke dusro goli marke…. Apne ko sadhu batate ho… Tumko kisine kuch kia kya… Kia to jao police me report likhao… Yaha to ye bhi kar sakte ho… Nai to pak ya afg Chale jao… Fir tumhe pata chal jaega

    • Not at all bro. If this would hv happened in India, then why they grew upto 23 crores ( out of 130 crores) . In india, muslim can be President, CM, judge Sport captains, DIG of Mumbai… How come you say this?

    • Bullshit comparison. Go see in the street today, when poor need food, RSS is feeding them by taking life risk irispective of Hindu and Muslim.

    • Don’t compare RSS with ISIS. RSS are the worriers who stood with India in every situation. Gives hand not do bomb blasts. You better know the condition of muslims in is so good. If RSS where like that the minorities of India doesn’t increased. The muslims of India who never became India’s till that looting India having big houses but still getting everything for free. Shouts for CAA and NRC and for getting free ration and money stands in queues with documents.

    • RSS is not an terrorist organisation and without knowing the fact check, don’t comment like an illiterate. RSS is an back up army for india, Hindu Parishad only involves when there is brutality and forced conversions of Hindus and develop local area by changing even the street names ! All caste is secure in India and RSS also has people from all religions

  10. Really?? The attack on a gurudwara in Pakistan not so long ago, is ample proof of how Pakistanis treat the sikh community & other minorities there….. You must be really delusional to suggest that the afghan sikhs should escape religious persecution from Afghanistan & seek refuge in the theocratic hell hole called Pakistan which has a history of brutal religious persecution of its minorities….. Many of these afghan sikhs have already sought refuge in India & they ernestly support the humanitarian CAA for giving them a ray of hope…… Pls get your facts straight & get over your delusions…….

  11. Sir, I know your intentions about the whole affair. But where is such will to destroy the belief and ideology of ISIS. You can see the judge and a governor supporting Ashia Bib were gunned down by the fundamentalists in Pakistan. The whole of the Muslim intellectuals all over the world should unitedly fight against ISIS otherwise you all be in danger

  12. This could be moment for India to use provisions in NRC to give these Sikhs permanent Citizenship in india , to where they belong. Let’s do it India ..

    • Agree if they lost home, but why should they have to leave in first place, that is their home , we should all unite to get them their name rights there itself.. why can’t india help them get their right in their hometown Afghan. I M Muslim who care and ready to fight these donkeys who call themselves ISIS, let’s help these people stay in their home safe

      • Afghan Muslim themselves are striving for there own rights in Afghanistan. It’s a country who is already in to political confusion about who is there current President and you are suggesting that we should bet lives of innocent SIKH people…It would never be. Every Sikh in Afghanistan should be bring back to BHARAT with immediate effect. If possible they should be exchanged with Indian Muslims.

      • My dear Indian brother, the muslim people in Afghanistan and Pakistan had formed the nation based on religion hence they can’t tolerate others. Unlike Indian Muslims who believes in love for all and respect for all and equality. Now, India is the only place where non Muslims in these countries would find their roots. Hence, they try to come here. I think we should help them in every possible way.

    • why should we? Dont forget Amrinder’s scam-con-gress and akali druggies opposed CAA
      Dont forget that the Sikhs created langar kitchens to feed the SCUMS of Shaheen Bagh!
      Let them go live with Muslims again in pakistan ! Rogues! now folks will know the value of CAA!

    • India must take military action by aiding operations against ISIS in all states infested with their members. Enough is enough!

  13. If situation arise that Sikhs have to leave Afghanistan then Pakistan is better choice. First Afghan Sikhs speak Pushtu and Dari which is spoken in Peshawar and other areas. Next choice will be Europe or America. But this time when almost all travel is banned. Pakistan is best choice. People in Pakistan are sympathetic to Sikhs

    • It is a doublespeak. One the one hand you oppose CCA and on the other write such lies that Sikhs are being punished for opposing CCA

    • Yes the way PAKISTANI People show there sympathy to Sikh and kidnapped daughter of Granthi and arranged a forced marriage with Muslim after her conversion and also the way PAKISTANI MUSLIMS stone pelted on NANKANA SAHIB GURUDWARA. Such events were acknowledge safety of SIKH Brothers and Sisters in Pakistan.

    • Have you gone mad. You want them to settle in another islamic nation where the conditions of the sikhs is no better. Muslims are the worst offenders of human rights voilation when it comes to non muslims because it is sanctioned in their holy book Kuran to kill non muslims. It is better to bring them to Delhi where already there is a big population of Afghani sikhs.

    • It is not the people in Pakistan but the Govt. of Pakistan offering them to settle there. They can later be used against India as Khalistanis.
      I wonder, why they don’t opt for India, where thousands of our Afgan Sikh brothers are aalread settled.

    • Yes, better and safer in Peshawar because of the Covid 19 ban. They can then either ask to come to India, or as media report states can apply for refugee status to Canada which many of them want.

  14. Today, the Sikhs, known for their valour in military and bravery, are being threatened by ISIS in Afghanistan. While the world is busy fighting the invisible war against Coronavirus, ISIS is visibly engaged in its atrocities against humanity. It is of utmost importance that the United Nation and the world leaders take note that letting ISIS terrorize at will is a direct threat to people anywhere who don’t subscribe to their philosophy.
    We specifically call upon the U.S. and Indian authorities to exert influence on Afghan government to safeguard and protect the minority Sikh community. We believe that the world is not ready nor it should be for another wave of genocidal behavior of ISIS, this time against the Sikhs. Even one death is too many while ISIS reportedly killed 27 Sikhs just a few days ago.
    It is long overdue for the world to stand together and root out ISIS and its terroristic activities against humanity. It is time for a strong action by the United Nations and not just the condemnation for the horrific, innocent and unwarranted killings by ISIS. At the least, the Indian government must immediately welcome Afghan Sikhs with open hands and heart under the recently enacted Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

  15. All our Sikh brother’s & Sister’s – you are our part of our Hindu communities. Come to India, we warmly welcome you 🙏

  16. These Sikhs are being punished for helping Shaheen Bagh protestors for having soft corner for Pakistan with regard to Kartarpur Corridor, for having relations with Muslims all over the world. Its pretty evident that some Governments don’t like Sikh’ leanings and tilt towards Pakistan. Obviously this tilt ( in their opinion) may create problem for them in future. Such type of attacks on Sikh’ community are only meant to intimidate them. In Afghanistan such attacks have been an effective tool against unarmed people to send messages to their concerned Governments or authorities to reshape their policies.

    • If anyone has a soft corner for ISIS driven Shaheen Bagh terrorists who got arrested too.. they are out of their mind or simply just as disloyal lot as the Muslims of India.

    • We will welcm them.. Give ours lands to them they are our brothers… We can scarifice ourselves for themm.. Atleast we are still humans not wild animal like ur BJP and RSS people… We love our sikh brothers

      • You will “give” you who converted to Islam or came as poor refugees from Pakistan only to obnoxiously loot and kill innocent Kashmiris who were all Hindus!? You who killed Hindus in now bangladesh in 1978 and then rioted against Sikhs in 1984 ..YOU will do what now…… 🤗🤗🤗😅

  17. United Nations speaks only when Muslims are killed
    UK parliaments speaks only when Muslims are killed
    EU parliaments speaks only when Muslims are killed
    USA parliaments only creates Trials when Muslims are killed
    New York times writes propaganda news only when Muslims are killed
    Washington Post writes propaganda news only when Muslims are killed
    BBC and CNN writes propaganda news only when Muslims are killed
    NDTV India will writes propaganda news only when Muslims are killed
    Universities in USA, UK, Canada and EU are paid to attack Hindus, RSS, Modi, BJP they will never write research papers or do research on Muslim killing non-muslims
    Hindus and Sikhs cannot pay petrol dollars to the Journalists, Activists and Media nor to Universities, hence NZ Mosque shootout was big news, Rohingya was highly marketed news.
    Even Khalsa Aid a volunteering organization will not go to support Hindus and Sikhs.
    Money is only in doing Propaganda for Muslims

    The Hindus and Sikhs in India also speak about secularism they will not religiously go and vote for BJP, instead they will go for picnic on voting day.

  18. tell them to remember 21 sikhs fought against 10000 afghans killed 4000 of them dont try to screw with the minds of this valiant race.

  19. Where arec shahin bagh supporters? Some sikhs were also supporting them in the protest. Would we want muslims from such countries to come to india and spread thos hate for other Faiths? I won’t? India welcomes and above all indian welcomes all Sikhs of afganistan in india. SHAHIN BAGH SUPPORTERS CAN GO AND STAY IN AFGANISTAN AS REPLACEMENT AS ASK ALL THEIR RIGHTS FROM TALIBAN

  20. Govt of India should evacuate them from Afghanistan to security in India. Adequate arrangements should be made for their stay and livelihood here in India.

  21. India Is definitely natural home for them afterall they are elder brother of Hindus. Only they stand against mughals to protect us against atrocities of mughals … But where is that sardar who was cooking food at shaheen bagh… Whether owasi k#&₹ would agree..

  22. इस्लाम धर्म का सबसे मजबूत पक्ष यह है कि वह जब किसी को अपने अंदर समाहित करता है तो वह उसे जोर जुल्म से शामिल करता है और उसे उसकी जड़ों से काटता है यह कोई धर्म नहीं है अपितु यह एक नकारात्मक विचारधारा है।यही कारण है कि भारत के मुसलमानों के पूर्वज हिन्दू हैं लेकिन वे उनको अपना पूर्वज न मानकर जो इस्लामी लुटेरे भारत में आए उनको अपना पूर्वज मानते हैं ।यद्यपि 1984 में भारत में सिक्खो का नरसंहार हुआ लेकिन वह एक राजनीतिक नरसंहार था।दूसरी बात उस समय हिन्दू संगठन इतने मजबूत नहीं थे कि सिक्खों की मदद खुलकर कर पाते लेकिन आज इस समय नहीं है।ये हिन्दू संगठन जो सिक्ख पंजाब से बाहर रहते हैं उनका रक्षा कवच हैं।सिख पंथ हिन्दू धर्म कि ही शाखा है और हमारे पूर्वज भी एज हैं हमारी विरासत सांझी है इसलिए विदेशी नस्लों की साजिश पहचानों और अपने मूल से जुड़िए अन्यथा बांटकर रहने से शत्रु फायदा उठाते ही हैं।

  23. अपने भाइयों का भारत में अभिनंदन है भारत आपके पूर्वजों का था और आपका है।में ऐसा इसलिए कह रहा हूँ क्योंकि हिन्दू धर्म मे जो वंशावली और गोत्र है वह मनुवाद नहीं है वह हमें अपने कुल वंश समाज और देश से जोड़ने का एक बहुत अच्छी पद्वति है। हिंदुओं ने अपने वीर पुत्र स्वेच्छा से खालसा सेना और गुरु साहिबान को दिए थे नकी किसी दवाब से यह बात समझनी बहुत जरूरी है।

    • Sikhs are our brothers and natural to come to India first the respect and love they will get here nowhere else. The sikh religion was came to save hindus only and evey hindu is indebted to them forever . We love you and respect you for your immense sacrifice for us as and when required ☺️☺️💐💐

  24. My all Sikh brothers are welcome in their home land….But some our Sikh brothers those ran their Lagnar for Shaheen Bagh must understand ….For whom they were feeding…..

    They don’t spare anybody…..Remember our Gurus….Those have killed brutally..By these Goons

    • Stop spreading ur communal shit here.
      Indians are, and have been together since.
      Don’t bring issues of other nations upon Indian ppl.

    • Sikhs dont see religion, caste or creed before sending langars to needy. Its a service to humanity.
      According to u brother If they r not sparing anybody law of nature(karma) wont spare them either

    • Dear brother, the person behind shaheen bagh langar has already been identified and established of holding a major post in Owaisi’s party and was funded by them only.

  25. It is right that at time of freedom all casts apart from Muslim wantd to come in India however many people could not come due to diff reasons and now they are living there only they know ….they should provide a place to live in India ..


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