After The Deadly Attack on Sikh Worshippers in Kabul, Some Question Possible “India Connection”

NEW YORK, USA—An Associated Press article mentioned that the prime accused who carried out the deadly attack was an Indian national. The gunman opened fire and held many worshippers hostage for hours as local Afghan forces and military tried to take control of the building. The attack left more than two dozen dead, including one child.

Associated Press cited the SITE Intelligence Group in its report, stating that the gunman has been identified as Indian national Abu Khalid al-Hindi, who carried out the attack to avenge the plight of Muslims living under severe restrictions in Indian-ruled Kashmir, Hindu India’s only Muslim dominated state.

Similarly, the Long War Journal reported that the gunman’s identity was established by his assumed name “Al-Hindi”. Report by the Long War Journal states –

“[ISIS] media team then issued a longer statement, identifying the main terrorist responsible as a man known as Abu Khalid al-Hindi. That nom de guerre indicates that he is likely from India, or India-ruled Kashmir. Indeed, the statement claims the attack was “revenge for the Muslims in Kashmir.”

The statement by AP has since been published by several leading publications, including the NY Times and Fox News. Some Sikh activists questioned the possible role of RAW behind the attack, but others dismissed the connection.

Meanwhile, Kashmiris have continued to mourn the senseless killings of the Sikhs. Remaining members of the already small Afghan Sikh community in Kabul were joined by local human rights groups, who promised to stand by the community.

Massacre brought hope for Hindutva section ruling India to develop anti-Muslim mindset among Sikhs

After this massacre, the Hindutva leaders ruling India came up to condole this brutal massacre as it brought hope for them to develop anti-Muslim mindset among Sikhs. The RSS ideology wants Sikhs to be front-fighter as well as security cover of Hindus in their fight against Muslims but opposite is happening in India.

The Sikh ethos don’t allow Sikhs to compromise pro-humanity principles even in worst circumstances and that’s why the Sikhs stood up in back of Muslims in protest against contentious Citizenship Amendment Act despite being the beneficiary community in this law.

For the next few days, the India government will pretend to be a lone sympathizer of Sikhs using various tactics but it will not do anything in concrete for the security of Afghan Sikhs or bringing the perpetrators of this attack to justice.

Some Sikh netizens are seeking shifting of Afghan Sikhs to India for their secure future but they forget that the perpetrators of 1984 Sikh genocide are still roaming freely in the heart of India. Further, no efforts have been made even after two decades of Chittisinghpora massacre.

To conclude, we can say that no country is going to take up the fight against excesses on Sikhs and these excesses on Sikhs will continue till the Sikhs are stateless. 

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  1. Isis is a fake group made to show muslims as terrorist. Raw,israel and cia etc work together to operate this fake. Do operations by themselves and use the name of isis that this group admitted the responsibility. Whereas sikhs and muslims have great relation with each other they support each other pakistan welcomes sikhs to pakistan with great hospitality. Sikhs show unity with oppressed indian occupied kashmir. So it make no sence that muslims attaked sikhs?? Its proganda to create hatred between muslims and sikhs and sikh well understand everything they know Modi and rss very well

  2. This is unfortunate and sad! I agree Indian Govt has done many wrongs before. But to say things like “India connection” and to say that people are trying to cash on these murders and posting things like whether India is responsible for killing even after ISIS takes responsibility is not only utterly sad but it beats any common sense. Well there is nothing more to say here but whole point here is;

    You should always fight adharam and asat but you cant fight them by doing adharam and asat yourself. This is no dharam yuddh. You speak no truth and your ways are wrong. You can not Sawa-Lakh se Ek ladau. You are not a Sikh.

    A concerned Hindu!


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