Afghan Sikhs re-attacked with missile in Crematorium; Ammunition mines recovered near Crematorium

    NEW DELHI, India—In a video uploaded recently over social media, the DSGMC president Manjinder Singh Sirsa has revealed that the Afghan Sikhs have been re-attacked with missile in the crematorium of Kabul when they were about to cremate the dead bodies of more than two dozen Sikhs killed in March 25’s attack.

    “All of them are currently hiding in the crematorium and the Army has recovered ammunition mines in the nearby area,” Sirsa informed. 

    Posted by Manjinder Singh Sirsa on Thursday, March 26, 2020


    1. Sir aapki Sooch ko salam karta hu. … Sayad aapki maloom nahi but RSS main Muslim karuakarta bhi hai…aur sabhi ko sirf Seva bhav hi maloom hai

    2. Has RSS killed people so inhumane.? Just don’t equate RSSwith ISIS isi, Mujahideen. Any sane person can say for sure your equation of RSS with Islamic terrorists is unworthy. After all, your brains are filled with hatred. Only God save us. Jai Hind Jai Bhim.

    3. The Indian Politics is big stake holder in Afghanistan interest. iSiS is pure creation of Israel and America, & they will try their best to derail the peace process of Taliban & America. Sadly Sikhs scapegoats here. The iSiS & similar organization in India rSS is biggest terrorists.

    4. Idot will be a idiot, your perception manifest your ground knowledge.

      How can Indian govt pay ISIS to attack it’s own people, Sikhs are Indian Origin basically and always loved by Hundus as medival time protectors from Islamic tyrants, they are Indian by origin and heart too.

    5. Indian Government should get them here… They have be in quarantine for 14 days. Better to stay alive in quarantine than to be killed by these mindless idiots of the religion of peace!

    6. I’ve no words to express my feelings for d innocent Sikhs attacked by those ISIS bastards, who r not only diabolically oriented in their attitude towards d ‘other’, but r totally devoid of any hints of humanity. We shd not forget that d Sikhs r big hearted and philanthropic in their collective endeavour vis-a-vis d other people. May God help them. RIP (for those murdered by d devil’s)!

    7. All Sikhs and Hindus should be safely shift to India and all Afgan persons who are living in a huge number in India should be sent back to Afghanistan.. Afgani peoples living in India not admit India as a good country.. I noticed many times, many afganis says that bad situation of Afghanistan is due to India.. I don’t know why??
      Secondly i think that these afgani people are very culture rich, they only respect their culture and want to establish them here in our country in some ways..

    8. Ask for Indian Embassy help. Opt coming to India as a refugee. The current Indian Govt is very secular. It will help you.

    9. Sikhs and isis has nothing against each other and still this happened because in India and elsewhere sikhs have supported and helped lot of muslims and some indian community and leaders can’t digest it , there fore i think it’s indian govt behind all this , paid attacks to break up with muslims.

    10. This is yet another reminder for the Sikhs who were feeling great and ridiculed photoshopping –by organising langar for the shaitaan baag squatters—–

      ——the kabul murderer is an Indian pig

    11. CAA ..please come back to your own place belong here and every Indian is proud of the Sikh heritage .

    12. All Sikhs community people should leave Afghanistan immediately. Other wise they loose there lives. They should be brought down to India . Indian Government should help them.

    13. सिरसा साहिब आप गुरु गोविन्द सिंह जी की बात भूल गए हो। गुरु जी ने कहा था कि एक तेल के बर्तन में कुहनी तक हाथ डुबाकर तिल की बोरी में घुसाने पर जितने तिल चिपक जांय उतनी बार अगर एक मुसलमान कसम खाए तब भी उसका विश्वास मत करना। आप कुछ दिन पहले सी ए ए का विरोध किसलिए कर रहे थे। इन हत्यारों को नागरिकता दिलाने के लिए। सरकार कानून में संशोधन कर पाकिस्तान अफगानिस्तान और बांग्लादेश में पीड़ित गैर मुस्लिमों को नागरिकता दे रही है और आप पीड़ित करने वालौ के लिए सरकार का विरोध कर रहे थे। सोचिए क्या इन हत्यारों के लिए सरकार का विरोध उचित है।

    14. I do not want the Sikhs in Afganistan to die dogs death. We cannot protect them their…..they should be evacuated by SGPC and rehabiiltated in Punjab at the earliest by Capt Amarinder Singh…my appeal

    15. As a Muslim, my condolences to the Sikh community. Criminals that murder innocent people are a disgrace to everything they represent. They bring shame on what they claim to fight for. I pray for guidance, peace, and protection for the families of the victims and the community at large.

    16. as an afghan muslem i wana let these pigs know that you cant succeed like this this is not yesterday’s relationship between afghan Muslims and our afghan sikhs community we all grew up like one family for the past 5000 years yes 5000 years and you think you pigs can split this relationship in one day dont even think about it
      to all my sikhs brothers and sisters/ sardar jees beothers and sisters i / we love you all we are family your pain is our pain these coward pigs have no guts to come face-to-face these are the most hated animals by human
      what you expect from coward animals like this nothing
      allah s/t will do the same to this coward people and their families i want allah s/t to take our revenge from these pigs and their families so they can feel our pain

    17. Indian government must have talk to Afghanistan go government to help these people immediately from all sides.they must get financial and security sides.snd such type incidents again should not happen

    18. Go To Iran, Some Sikhs Migrated from Pakistan to Iran and they are Living in Peace,, Sixty Sikh Families live in Tehran and they have a Gurudwara, Shia Muslims of Iran are Very Tolerant People..

    19. Very shameful, the Afganions shall lead an example to got exeamnolary punishment for those bastords by burning them alive in streets, as those persons who did the shameful and coward act cannot be Muslim or from any religion. Islam teaches practice and savior and warriors for the protection of the other practitioner’s, lead an example in history protect them and distroy the plots of the wicked.
      Sikhs have protected Muslims at every place and now it is our turn
      Please identify the culpicts, as I know the true Muslims cannot do this

    20. Very sad to note that Sikhs – the community that is ever ready to offer help to all other communities whenever there was a crisis, have to face such ordeals in the hands of Islamic State terrorists. Surprisingly none from the ‘award wapasi gang’ or ‘intellectual gang’ of India are condemning these acts. Hope all of us stay united and fight the designs of jihadis in collusion with our own ‘award wapasi gang’ or ‘intellectual gang’. They are cancers of our society and enemy to the humanity at a large.

    21. It’s time to do something for our Sikh brothers how have given their life for the betterment of the humanity…pls do something on this

    22. stop supporting musalman or any kaum, but sadey apney, because this is a collaborated effort by rss (had private meeting with isis, and each time sadey kaum ehna nu support, then we hear of Sikhs KILLED NOT SHAHEED), musalman, jesu, surr, kaley…please believe this SACH🙏🙏🙏🙏, WHY ELSE NO MEDIA COVERAGE, NO UNITED NATIONS SENDING TROOPS, NOTHING BY WORLD GOVTS OR EVEN MEDIA??

    23. Indian government responsibility for this they didn’t give a nationality for them in Europe or around world in five years get nationally they don’t care in Gurudwara or any where Indian leaders going and give just speeches for there power not more then this now we see how Indian governments help or not or just showing there condolences

    24. U are responsible for your self let me explain you why so Afghanistan situation is not bad from today or from few days it has been. Years and years the Afghanistan situation is going worst and worst day to day now the thing is that in 2018 when few Sikhs lost there lives after then all most European Union and Canadian government try to take you all from there to there countries and giving you everything there without any issues even Canada take few families already there but some of them Afghan families or members refused to go there because u want to stay there regardless …. Don’t know why what is there in Afghanistan tell me what ru doing in Afghanistan no jobs in there no future in Afghanistan for Sikhs … Even Indian government try to help you to take all of you from there safely without asking you anything but again you guys refused to go anywhere …why do u guys think Afghanistan is safe country for you and u can manage a good and safe future for you and for you kids … also terrorist groups are killing to there own people so …what do expect they will give you shelters or any membership in Afghanistan parliament … So sorry u are responsible for this black day plz don’t listen to those people who is telling you to not leave the country due to there selfish reasons plz don’t listen to them if any world organisation is helping you to take all of you from there jst go with them they will help you and give a better life for you and for your families and one last thing shameful and shameless our Afghan Sikh community Sikhs selfish leaders

    25. Sat Shri Akaal vir ji they all waiting for single opportunities to come out rather denn waiting for them to confirm we should know the situation you get touch with india Embasy in Kabul to discuss to bring them to india afghan government will never ever agree to this because of there nose so I think you have got them point thanks

    26. Sat Shri Akaal vir ji they all waiting for single opportunities to come out rather denn waiting for them to confirm we should know the situation you get touch with india Embasy in Kabul to discuss to bring them to india afghan government will never ever agree to this because of there nose so I think you have got them point thanks

    27. sir,
      they just want to do manavta ki sewa…
      baaki nvr help their own community or weaker sections of our community. Har jagah pahunchke langar lgaake photo click krke post ch beleive krde ne!
      but for sikh needy people , they always stepback.

    28. It is a great shame on the Afghan Govt, why did you fail to gaurd the lives of our Sikh Cousins who came there as pilgrims on a pilgrimage to worship. Now its you Afghan govt to track down those terrorists bastards, sons of bitches and cancobines dirty pig hearted monsters. As an Indian muslim, I kindly request the Afghan Govt to nab these cannibals and hang them infront of the Guruduwara.As a muslim I once again remind you take immediate millitary action to uphold peace between our Sikh cousins and muslims, do you know that Sikhs are good Samaritans and brave soldiers whom Islaam in India trust much and in the entire world muslims can only belive the Sikh Community because they stand shoulder to shoulder with the muslims world wide. If the Afghan or the Taliban fail to do as I said Islaam will have to pay great price. Insha Allah with a heavy heart I have commented here its up you to be blessed or cursed forever, Allah will vandalize you all into rubbles and scraps very soon. Jaihind.

      • Fuck off you terrorist mulla. Mullas are Mirjafar. Stop your taquiya. Afghanistan is Islamic country that’s why they are killing Sikhs. In india you would do same. But here Hindus are majority that’s why you can’t apply Sharia here.

      • True, we are indebted through all their great gesture….The Afghans as whole must understand that non muslims there are their responsibity and must do everthing to stop any wrong on them even with their life….my best wishes for Sikh brother and sister and May Almighty give strength to families of victim.

    29. SGPC and other sikh organisations are busy in distributing food packet to needy and investing lot of money. Instead they should take this attack seriously and spend money in rehabilitation of Afghan Sikhs in India as soon as possible, there might be more attacks on Sikhs. They can also create an organisation to be funded by Sikhs for rehabilitation of afghan sikhs before it is too late.

      • Unfortunately our Sikh leaders, for some unknown reasons, are against CAA that could help bring our brothers home and open the way for them to settle permanently in India.


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