Primary list of Afghan Sikhs who attained martyrdom in attack at Gurdwara Sahib of Kabul

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—The names of Sikhs, who attained martyrdom in today’s attack at Gurdwara Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib situated in Shor Bazaar of Afghanistan’s national capital Kabul, are as follow:


    1.     Bhai Nirmal Singh (Granthi)

    2.     S. Dhian Singh

    3.     S. Avtar Singh

    4.     S. Kultar Singh

    5.     Bhai Harditt Singh

    6.     Bhai Iqbal Singh

    7.     S. Kulwinder Singh

    8.     S. Jagtar Singh

    9.     S. Bhagat Singh

    10.   S. Mohan Singh

    11.    Bhai Jeevan Singh Ludhiane Wale

    12.     Bhai Sunder Singh Ludhiane Wale

    13.     S. Paramjit Singh Khushal

    14.     Bibi Paramjit Kaur

    15.     Bibi Surjit Kaur

    16.     Bibi Surila Kaur

    17.     S. Sardar Singh

    18.     S. Surjan Singh

    19.     Bibi Tania Kaur

    20.     Bibi Jagtar Kaur

    21.     Bibi Diljit Kaur

    22.     Bibi Harjit Kaur

    23.     Bibi Jai Kaur


Posting the photo of S. Bhagat Singh over social media, an Afghan journalist Imran Feroz wrote that he met him in a big market of Kabul named Mandayi. “Bhagat Singh broke down while narrating the fate of Sikhs in Afghanistan and informed him that there was a time when around 1,000 Sikh families used to live in Afghanistan but now most of them have fled and one day he will also have to quit his country,” he added.


  1. This is gravely painful and heartbreaking news. It is not only coward act by these people who neither appreciate others lives nor their own. Definitely they must be punished for such heinous crime. Our prayers are with those who lost their lives and also for the family members, may Waheguru bless you to tolerate this irreparable loss.


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