CALL TO ACTION: The Ontario Sikh Genocide Awareness Week Bill is being voted on TOMORROW (March 12, 2020)

File Photo: Sikhs protest 1984 carnage in New Delhi

World Sikh Organization: “Those advocating against the bill are working hard to stop it and we cannot allow that. We can’t stress enough how important it is for the bill to pass.”

OTTAWA, Canada—In an urgent call to action, the World Sikh Organization called upon all Canadian Sikhs to email MPPs and Premier Ford in support of the Sikh Genocide Awareness Week Bill. WSO has provided an email template below and has asked all supporters of the bill to include a personal note on why they should support the bill.


  1. Copy and paste all MPP email addresses into the BCC section of recipients (you can select and copy all together). You can leave the “to” section blank

  2. Copy and paste the Subject line!  Copy and paste the text body of the email. 

  3. Make sure to add your name at the bottom (DO NOT Forget) 

  4. Please press send. 

Subject Line: Vote for Sikh Genocide Awareness Week


As a member of the Sikh Community I want to voice my support and ask for yours in regards to the private members bill put forward by your colleague MPP Gurratan Singh (Brampton East). His bill advocates for recognizing the first week of November every year as Sikh Genocide Awareness Week and encourages the education of the Sikh Genocide and foster more awareness about crimes against humanity.  We need your help to get this bill passed.

Sikhs across Ontario are counting on you, many of us are left suffering either as direct survivors, having lost family members or through intergenerational trauma that the genocide has left behind. There are so many of us that directly have a family member or know someone who was viciously killed in the state sponsored, state facilitated mobs in the streets of Delhi and across India. 

It has been 36 years since the horrific events of 1984 have occurred and our community has continued to suffer in silence. The reality is that, Sikhs are still afraid to have open, meaningful conversations regarding the genocide. This bill will provide us with the time and place to openly have these discussions that are essential to healing. 

With your vote for Sikh Genocide Awareness Week on March 12, 2020, you can ensure that the thousands of Sikh’s living across Ontario can collectively begin the process of healing.