Satinder Kaur Sidhu becomes Judge of British Columbia Court

SURREY, Canada—A feeling of great pleasure is being observed among the Canadian Punjabi community with the selection of a Punjabi woman Satinder Kaur Sidhu as a judge in British Columbia Courts. Satinder Kaur Sidhu will take charge of her new post on March 30.

Jeffrey Campbell and Carina Sica have also been appointed as a judge along with Satinder Kaur Sidhu.

Satinder Kaur Sidhu had passed a Law Degree in 1995 from British Columbia University and in 1996 she had joined the British Columbia Bar.

Satinder Kaur Sidhu also worked as a public prosecutor in New Westminster and she dealt with a lot of complicated criminal cases during her tenure.

Satinder Kaur Sidhu often reads her reports at the Canadian Bar Association, government lawyers’ conferences and the conferences of Canadian Police College. Her papers are also very much appreciated.

According to the report of Ratan Mal published by “Voice Online”, Satinder Sidhu speaks Punjabi very well.