SGPC honors Mrs. Sadhna Patri for translating Gurbani scriptures and Sikh history in Odia language

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—On October 31, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbhandhak Committee honored Mrs. Sadhna Patri of Bhuvneshwar (Orissa) for translating Sikh history and “Nitnem Steek” in Odia language. It is learnt that Mrs. Sadhna Patri has translated Sikh history and Banis (Scripture) of Nitnem translated into Odia language. Her translation work done has also been also published in books.

SGPC’s chief secretary Dr. Roop Singh has appreciated the work done by Mrs. Sadhna Patra 

Dr. Roop Singh said that translation work is not an easy task, but Mrs. Sadhna Patri has set an example by completing this work. He further told that this type of work should be done in all states, so that all the people of India could understand the Gurbani words and Sikh history.

During this, Dr. Roop Singh also presented his book “Kal Taran Guru Nanak Aya” to Mrs. Sadhna Patri. On receiving this book, she said that she will also translate this book in Odia language.

SGPC Secretary S. Manjit Singh Bath, S. Jasbir Singh Dham Mumbai, Scholar Dr. Ranjit Kaur Panwa and Bibi Kirandeep Kaur were present at this occasion. 


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