Kesri Flag Hoisted in Connecticut City to Honor Punjabis and Sikhs

Flag of Punjab Released and Hosted in America.
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NORWICH, CT, USA—City of Norwich in Connecticut has recently been in the news for its efforts to increase its diversity-related efforts. Welcome signs in various languages were earlier installed throughout the city and now, the city has installed flags of various countries.
“Due to this city initiative, diversity of the town is celebrated every day as you can see these flags from various countries all over Norwich,” Swaranjit Singh Khalsa from Norwich told Sikh24.
Swaranjit Singh Khalsa is a member of the Norwich Area Clergy Association. He had requested the city to hoist a flag to honour the Punjabis living in the city, as his wish has now been granted.
Khalsa told Sikh24: “Now with rest of flags from different countries, everyone will get the opportunity to see the flag of Punjab and I am sure this will make local Sikhs and Punjabi business owner proud of their city.”
“The flag has a unique symbol on it, and while explaining the details of the symbol embedded on the flag. Khalsa said, “the five lines represent five rivers of Punjab and five artefacts of the Sikhs. The two words represent justice and religious freedom to all and the wheat crops symbolize the main occupation of people of Punjab which is agriculture,” he added.
Khalsa also said, “Text written under the Punjab symbol is DEG TEG FATEH which means economic prosperity and social justice for all, and this is the mission of every Sikh.”


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