Sikh24 EXCLUSIVE: Bhai Harminder Singh Sandhu’s Daring Letter to Rajiv Gandhi Calls Out India’s Communal Approach to Punjab

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Amar Shaheed Bhai Harminder Singh Sandhu, who was back-stabbed by the headless “militants” like Paramjit Panjwar at the behest of “Bhai” Manjit Singh on January 24, 1990,  had written a daring letter to the then Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on December 13, 1988 from the Jodhpur jail. 

In this letter, he had shown mirror to Rajiv Gandhi by calling spade a spade. His fearless attitude in the starting lines of this letter depicts enough about his courageous soul’s commitment and dedication for the Sikh cause. 

“I can anticipate the cruel reaction of your intelligence and enforcement agencies to my straight forward voice in this letter,” he writes in the initiation while further clearing his attitude with Socrate’s quote “I will obey the God rather than Athenians (the then Indian government here)”.  

“You proclaim to be secular but secularism for you is only a facade while, underhand, you strike deals with the vendors of communal votes” Bhai Sandhu writes to Rajiv Gandhi in this letter. 

Although, the self-styled “generals” of the Sikh movement succeeded in eliminating Bhai Sandhu physically, but they couldn’t eliminate the intellectual impressions of his personality. 

“Punjab under Khalsa Raj a friendly nation will act as a buffer zone and defend India as a bulwark, but Punjab as an enemy of India would jeopardize the very existence of India on the map of the world” Bhai Sandhu writes in the end of this letter. 

Hereby, we are publishing the PDF version of this letter for our audience. 

If the letter is not visible below, please click here to open the link in your browser.



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