Amazon Apologizes for Disrespectfully Displaying Sri Harmandir Sahib’s Photo

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Amazon, the International online retail giant, on December 22 apologized for the disrespectful displaying of Sri Harmandir Sahib’s photo on the toilet seat product. Amazon’s apology has come in response to the legal notice served by the apex Sikh body SGPC on December 19.

In the apology, Amazon’s Director for Public Relations in India has told the SGPC that they deeply resented hurting religious feelings of the Sikh community by the action of the third party. “We had immediately removed the controversial products from our website as soon as we got apprised of it” he added.

It may be recalled here that a sharp outrage among the Sikh community had erupted after these photos had gone viral over social media. Sikh activists of “Jatha Sirlath Khalsa” had even staged a protest against the company by forcing the closure of Amazon Transportation Services Private Limited at the New Amritsar area and raising slogans against it.


  1. The ad is still there on amazon. Amazon is apologizing for what if the ad is still there. Ask amazon to remove this ad Immediately.

  2. It is still on sale on Amazon. I checked it on Dec 24 evening. Ask Amazon again. Amazon is apologizing for what if the ad is still on the website.

  3. 1 arrow 2 targets by dump people
    1 to disrupt Sikhs
    2 to kick out Amazon from India
    Real terrorists of India are these people who purposely hurt everyone around them for no good reason, but stupid ediologies
    They must must get harsh punishment
    Thanks Amazon’s apology


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