Special celebrations for Guru Ram Das Ji’s Gurpurab Held at Sri Darbar Sahib in Amritsar

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—The celebration of Sri Guru Ram Das’s Gurpurab was celebrated with fervor at Sri Harmandir Sahib. SGPC and the Sikh Sangat from various organizations, societies, and Singh Sabhas carried out elaborate organization as scores of Sikhs flocked to Sri Harmandir Sahib to receive darshan today.

At Gurdwara Sri Manji Sahib Diwan Hall, the culmination of Akhand Paath Sahib was laid, after which ragis, dhadis and kavishar jathas delighted the Sikh sangat with Gurbani and life stories of Guru Ram Das Ji.

On this occasion, SGPC president Bhai Gobind Singh Longowal shared his views with the Sangat and said that the philosophy of the Sikh religion is a symbol of serving the entire humanity which we learn through the life of Guru Ram Das Ji. “Guru Ji’s life stories are full of noble values of service, simran and doing good deeds for all,” he said. He added that Gurpurab celebrations such as these make it an opportunity to connect us with the teachings of the Guru Sahibs.

Dedicated to Prakash Purab, special celebrations were also observed at Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib, Sri Akal Takht Sahib, and Gurdwara Baba Atal Rai Sahib. At Sri Harmandir Sahib, special articles known as Jalao were put on display. Golden paalki sahib, spades and other articles are brought out only five times every year, including today’s Gurpurab. At Gurdwara Baba Atal Rai Sahib, sangat of Mumbai laid out a celebration display of flower decorations, which remained a center of attraction.


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