SGPC Withdraws From Syllabus Committee as Education Board Refuses to Fix Mistakes

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—SGPC president Gobind Singh Longowal in a press note today announced the withdrawal of SGPC nominees from a committee appointed by the Punjab government to prepare the Eleventh and Twelfth syllabus of Punjab School Education Board. The committee was constituted after reports that the Punjab Government had made changes to the Sikh history in its official syllabus.

Longowal alleged that every chapter of the syllabus issued by the Punjab Government is full of errors in Sikh history and it is a matter of grave concern. “SGPC representatives comprising the syllabus committee have issued repeated correction appeals but their pleas have been ignored,” he said.

He warned the Punjab government that if the mistakes of Sikh history were not rectified through the syllabus chapters, the SGPC would take legal action. Bhai Longowal also said that the SGPC would never let the gimmicks of the government presenting the Sikh history without inaccuracies. He made it clear that the chapters related to the history made after the preparation of the syllabus were not shown to the representatives of the SGPC and their objections regarding the mistakes in them were not being looked into.

Inderjit Singh Gogoani, a Sikh scholar, had earlier stated that five chapters in the new syllabus which have been written by the Punjab School Education Board, which have major historical errors. Longowal said that the Education Board has not even responded to the letters by Dr. Gogoani.

In addition to this, Chairman of the SGPC Syllabus Committee Dr. Kirpal Singh has also written a letter in this regard yesterday, through which he referred to the mistakes made in the chapters.

Longowal further expressed his regret that Sikh history has already been disappeared from the syllabus and now the history is being changed in the chapters being prepared after the new syllabus made by the syllabus committee.


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