Living Martyr Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana Questions Credibility of ‘Khalistanis’

PATIALA—In a sudden breakthrough today, the death row convict Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana has raised questions over the credibility ‘Khalistani’ leaders presently active for the establishment of a sovereign Sikh state. He has said that these ‘Khalistani’ leaders have made the entire Sikh struggle impotent by sledgehammering its ground base.

In a letter addressed to the Sikh community, the living martyr Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana has said that these ‘Khalistani’ leaders have nothing to do with an independent sovereign Sikh state and their sole motive is to divide the Sikh vote bank to deliver benefit to the anti-Sikh parties like Congress which they have been doing successfully for the last 34 years.

Raising serious questions over the working of these ‘Khalistanis’ during 1991 & 1992, Bhai Rajoana has said that these so called ‘Khalistanis’ had murdered 28 Akali candidates in the 1991’s Punjab assembly polls (boycotted by Congress and later cancelled by the Indian government) but didn’t kill even a single Congress candidate during 1992’s assembly polls instead paved a way for the Congress leaders to gain power in Punjab by boycotting the elections.   

Making a sarcastic remark over these ‘Khalistanis’, Bhai Rajoana said that they had supported and funded the election campaign of the Aam Admi Party during the Punjab assembly polls in 2017. He added that these ‘Khalistanis’ regard AAP as their political wing and Kejriwal as their president.  

Questioning the embedment of these ‘Khalistanis’ with the Congress, Bhai Rajoana said that these ‘Khalistanis’ start talking about state’s atrocities on Sikhs when Congress lose power and sit silently when it comes to power. He added that with the formation of Congress government in Punjab, the ‘Khalistan’ of these ‘Khalistanis’ comes into existence.   

Making a shocking revelation about an unsuccessful attempt by these ‘Khalistanis’ to purchase him, Bhai Rajoana has said that  a ‘self-styled’ intellectual Prof. Prabhsharndeep Singh had tried to bribe his sister with claims of providing large ransoms of money in 2012 and had asked him to make statements against the then ruling Shiromani Akali Dal.  “But when I gave them a befitted reply by appealing the Akal Takht Jathedar to issue an edict against the Congress, then these ‘Khalistanis’ had resorted to cheap kind of preachment against me over social media” he added.

Appealing the Sikh youths to remain aware of these ‘Khalistanis’, Bhai Rajoana has said that these ‘Khalistani’ are cooking their bread on the funeral pyres of innocent Sikh youths.



  1. Akal Takhat currently has a tekhedaar not Jathedar. Gurbachna, is a 2 bit fool, who plays to his narakdhari tune like a puppet and keeps his master’s in Delhi happy.

  2. Somethings wrong here.
    Support for the Badals is a wtf in itself but 2 hours after this letter came out Badal is in the media asking for him to be freed then 6 hours later Captain says he should never be let out.


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