Review of ‘Living in High Morale (Charhdee Kalaa)’ By Prof Kirpal Singh by

Review of ‘Living in High Morale (Charhdee Kalaa)’
By Prof Kirpal Singh

The book covers different human situations, such as changing moods; stress; criticism; attitude towards others; living in Divine gratitude and embracing of spiritual dimensions to live a fuller and virtuous life with the necessary positive outlook guided by the Gurbani of Guru Granth Sahib.

All the situations are treated lucidly by combining the recent research breakthrough in the varied fields of Psychology and by reinforcing with the Gurmat (the teachings of Gurbani).

I have enjoyed the selection of appropriate Gurbani verses in romanized version. However, I would have wished if the Gurbani quotes could have been given in Gurmukhi as well.

Overall, the book is the first of its kind and the readers will benefit by embedding some degree of Charhdee Kalaa in their respective lives by heeding to suggestions and pieces of advice given in the text.

Congratulations to both the authors for a step in the right direction to minimize human conflicts and sufferings by elaborating on nourishing good attitude, beliefs and some positive thoughts tried by elevated souls.

Wishing you all the best.

Kirpal Singh
Professor Emeritus
Wellington, New Zealand 

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