Meghalaya Government in Action to Displace Sikhs from Shillong’s Punjabi Lane

SHILLONG, Meghalaya—As per the latest updates, the state government of Meghalaya has commenced work to displace the Sikhs living in the Punjabi lane of Shillong. Images of government officials taking survey of the Punjabi lane in Shillong have surfaced over social media.

Sources have informed that a team of Land Record and Survey Department (Meghalaya) today undertook the land survey exercise at the Punjabi lane area of the city as per the instruction of the High Level Committee (HLC). Notably, the HLC was formed by the state government to resolve the long pending issue of relocation of the colony from its present location as per the demands of local pressure groups.

Punjabi women residing in Punjabi lane registered a protest by holding placards opposing Meghalaya government’s attempt to displace Sikhs from Punjabi lane.

Meanwhile, SYFB’s senior vice president Bhai Ranjit Singh Damdami Taksal has asked the Punjab government to immediately take an action to stop the Meghalaya state government from devastating Punjabi lane in Shillong. “If the Meghalaya government succeeds in displacing Sikhs from Punjab lane of Shillong then it will be a start of new chapter of atrocities against Sikhs living in other states of India” he added.



  1. Just what the BJP wants outcast Sikhs – nothing will be resolve until we have Khalistan our own country we do not have be displaced – we will take Punjab……..

  2. Price of land is increasing, value of human beings & humanity is decreasing. The greed of leaders is increasing & it’s easy to target minorities as their leaders are always on sale.

  3. beginning of another sad chapter. first they were thrown out of Gujarat Is their any safe place for Sikhs in India.


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