#FreeJaggiNow campaign exclusive statement: ‘Jaggi is NOT being charged with murder’

LONDON, UK—The #FreeJaggiNow team, via Jagtar Singh’s legal team, have stated the Scotsman is accused of “financing the targeted killings of RSS leaders”, countering claims from some news outlets claiming he is being charged with murder.

In an exclusive statement made to the Sikh Press Association, the #FreeJaggiNow campaign team clarified the situation around the 31 year old Scotsman, who has mistakenly been said to have been charged with murder by Indian media, a claim which was picked up by UK media too.

The 2148 page charge-sheet submitted to Jagtar Singh’s legal team has one reference outlining Jagtar’s alleged crime:

“Jagtar Singh Johal, a U.K. National had been sent to France from the U.K. to deliver GBP 3000 to Harminder Singh.”

This allegedly involved Harminder Singh Mintoo, the leader of the Khalistan Liberation Force, who recently died whilst in imprisoned in India, in what his lawyer has described as a government conspiracy.

The charges fall under various sections of the UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) and the Arms Act. As per Indian law, once these charges are officially brought forward during trial, they will be subject to debate and negotiation with state agencies and the state prosecution, as per Indian law allows.

In the statement to the Sikh Press Association, the #FreeJaggiNow team categorically clarified that;

• Jagtar Singh is NOT being charged with murder
• He is being charged with “financing targeted killings of RSS leaders” which breaks Indian law and various sections of the UAPA and Arms Act of India
• As per the Indian judicial process, charges may be altered once the case goes to trial

Shamsher Singh, National Sikh Youth Federation advisor , who is part of the #FreeJaggiNow campaign team, said of the charge-sheet, “It’s shocking that this is the basis upon which Jagtar has been subjected to torture and detained without charge for six months. The lack of response and action by the UK government is deeply disappointing. The position taken by REDRESS, that any proceedings would be invalidated due to the torture, should also be taken by the British government. The silence of the UK government in condemning India only feeds the culture of impunity.”

The charge-sheet will be presented to Punjab courts on May 10th, at Bagha Purana court, and May 21st, in Mohali.



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