NIA Seeks to Transfer Jagtar Singh Jaggi to Tihar Jail; Seeks 90 Day Demand Extension

LONDON, UK—The NIA has submitted a 100 page report in a sealed envelope, expecting to be granted a full 90 day remand extension. However the judge was not pleased with the representations from the prosecutors and their lack of respect when addressing the judge.

Three NIA prosecutors were talking over each other when addressing the judge, and seemed confused as to their arguments.

Strong arguments were made on behalf of Jaggi to oppose the extension. The NIA fully expected to receive a decision today. The judge has stated she will give her decision on Wednesday 14th February. It is expected that ultimately the judge will grant the NIA request as the Indian judiciary has shown a clear bias in every case so far.

The NIA have also filed an application to be granted an order to transfer Jaggi and the other Singhs to Tihar jail in Delhi. A reply to the transfer order will be given on 15th February 2018.

Jaggi will appear in court for the 26th time on 14th February to find out the outcome of the remand extension application by the NIA.

The NIA wish to assert their authority by moving Jaggi and the other Singhs away from their lawyers and families. This tactic of relocating Sikh prisoners to jails outside of Punjab has been used repeatedly by the Indian state in order to subject families, prisoners, and their lawyers to further hardship by putting a drain on all their resources.


  1. DOG DEMOCRACY – THE SAD THING IS THAT ALL THE SO CALLED SIKH POLICE AND OTHERS ARE IN IT TOGETHER – Yes shote veer stay in chardi kala, no one is greater than Waheguru you will come home and that is our prayer and belief.
    India you will rot in hell and the time is near do all the paap you can and when Waheguru hits back you will disappear like the moguls did.
    WE ARE WITH YOU JAGGI may waheguru bless you and other Sikh prisoners always!!!

  2. So a British man in little India, that’s what India is becoming, a little minded suppressed nation much like the Muslims who ruled with tyranny. When will little India learn mighty Sikhs will rule again no matter how much little India tries to put guilt on innocent parties.

    The truth will come out, that’s for sure as they cannot kill him…Chardi Khala brother. Joke of a “demo~crasy” India is, abuse of human rights is what this is with torture thrown in. If the evidence is not clear by now it will never be.


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