VCAT slams Melbourne school for not admitting Sikh child due to his ‘Patka’

MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia—Taking strong notice of not admitting a Sikh child due to his ‘patka’ by Melton Christian School of Melbourne, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal on February 2 directed the school authorities to stop discriminating against Sikh children. It is learnt that the Melton Christian School has now admitted the victim Sikh child making amendments in its policy.

Media reports reveal that the Melton Christian School had denied admission to Sikh child named Sidak Singh Arora due to his ‘patka’. His father Sagardeep Singh Arora took the matter to Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal of Melbourne.  The VCAT intervened and allow the children to be admitted.

The VCAT said in its verdict that policy adopted by the Melton Christian School was violation of ensuring equality in the society.


  1. That is correct as do the SGPC when they cry out if there is beadbi on foreign land and of course it continues Punjab and they cannot find to date even one culprit….

  2. It is heartening to read the school was taken to task and the wrong was corrected. No body cared in Chandigarh when kids were denied to take the exams because they were wearing five k’s. So much for protection of Sikhi in India.


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