Rajiv Gandhi personally took stock of the situation in genocide affected areas, reveals Jagdish Tytler

NEW DELHI—Jagdish Tytler, a key perpetrator of 1984 Sikh genocide, made a shocking revelation during an interview with a mainstream news channel on January 28. Tytler disclosed that the then Indian Prime Minister had taken stock of the areas targeted by the Hindu mobs during 1984 Sikh genocide. Notably, thousands of innocent Sikhs were killed by the Congress led Hindu mobs in November 1984, and Rajiv Gandhi had justified the killings by saying that whenever a big tree falls, the earth is bound to shake.

Jagdish Tytler also tried to nullify allegations against Rajiv Gandhi of not taking any action against Hindu mobs by saying that he had accompanied the then PM Rajiv Gandhi who himself drove an Ambassador car without any security through the affected areas of the national capital to take the stock of the situation.

Tytler vehemently termed the allegation of his own involvement in the genocide as baseless. “I belong to a Sikh family and can never even think of causing any harm to the community,” he said during an hour-long interview.

Tytler’s statement has drawn a sharp criticism from Sikh world and legal fraternity. Advocate HS Phoolka has expressed surprise over why this fact was concealed by the government so far. “The purpose of the former PM’s visit to genocide-affected areas should be investigated,” he added.

Delhi Gurdwaras General Secretary Manjinder Sirsa has said that Tytler’s statement has proved that the genocide of the Sikhs was planned at the top level. He asserted that no court of law had so far declared him guilty though his name had come up in the Nanavati Commission report besides allegations leveled against him by the Shiromani Akali Dal.

It is pertinent to note here that the genocide victim Sikh families have been struggling for justice of their lost beloved ones from the last three decades but they have been only harassed in the name Court proceedings.



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