Supreme Court of India: Delhi High Court Did Not Make Sincere Efforts to Find 1984 Sikh Genocide Witnesses

NEW DELHI—While conducting hearing on a petition moved by a former Delhi legislator and  perpetrator of 1984 Sikh genocide Mahinder Singh Yadav, the Supreme Court of India said that the Delhi High Court didn’t make sincere efforts to find the witnesses of cases pertaining to Sikh genocide. Notably, Mahinder Singh Yadav has challenged the Delhi High Court’s decision of issuing summons to him and five others despite of being acquitted in cases of 1984 Sikh genocide.

A three member bench of Supreme Court comprising of its Chief Justice Dipak Mishra, Justice A.M. Khanwilkar and Justice D.Y. Chandrachud is processing this petition.

After thoroughly studying the case history, the Supreme Court bench said that the chief witnesses of these cases were summoned only once and the Delhi High Court closed all these cases after watching no response from the summoned witnesses.

It may be recalled here that the Delhi High Court had issued show cause notices to 1984 Sikh genocide’s culprits including Mahinder Yadav, Balwan Khokhar etc. The Delhi High Court had asked them to appear in Court for retrial of these cases.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court bench has deferred hearing on this case onto March 21.


  1. Vahiguroo Guru Nanak Nu ardas kario Guru Pyareo Jio_/\_. it has been over 3 decades of asking for justice from those who have totally lost their conscience is only causing affected Sikhs much agony Jio_/\_
    Such denying akritkran hinds, and maya loving sikhs…has almost controlled entire world maya loving influential; who jointly
    monitor, stalk, and cause choas to anyone who support Sikh causes, so Great Gurbani Mantar our only hope Jio_/\_

  2. How long these people are going to rub salt on the wounds of Sikh people. They all know who the guilty are then why all these shenanigans .


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