Political Prisoners Harminder Singh “Mintu” and Rattandeep Singh Welcome Decision to Ban Indian Officials at Foreign Gurdwaras

NEW DELHI—Khalistan Liberation Force chief Bhai Harminder Singh Mintu and Bhindranwale Tigers Force chief Bhai Rattandeep Singh appeared in a Delhi court of Judge Siddharth Sharma amidst tight security. They were presented here after a delay of nearly two hours under various charges.

After the court hearing, Bhai Harminder Singh and Bhai Rattandeep Singh said they both welcome the ban on speaking of Indian officials in US, Canada and UK Gurdwara. “This ban is directly in response to the June 1984 attack on Sri Darbar Sahib and November 1984 massacres,” they said.

“After a period of 34 year, accused of the massacre of November 1984 have not been arrested. Due to this reason, Indian diplomatic leaders have been prohibited from speaking in Gurdwaras. This decision is commendable and the other countries should follow suit,” they said.

Both political prisoners condemned the recent sacrilege in Maharashtra by Giani Gurbachan Singh, SGPC appointed Jathedar of Akal Takht Sahib. They said that Sikh code of conduct was not followed during the Mumbai event. They asked Sikh groups to unite to decide how these incidents can be avoided. They further appealed Giani Gurbachan Singh to apologize to the Sikh Nation for not adhering to the Sikh code of conduct.

Bhai Rattandeep Nabha said that the jail authorities have continuously violated court rulings by not providing with him medical treatment. “I have not been provided any eye or dental care despite pain,” he said. He added that the High Court has repeatedly complained to the Nabha jail to order a treatment of dental and eye pain.

“The prison is in violation of human rights in every form. Human rights organization should take action to ensure human rights can prevail for prisoners,” he said.

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