Hondh Chillad Massacre: DSGMC asked to inscribe names of victims on ‘Sach Di Kandh’

Remains of building at village Hond Chiller (Haryana) which was ruined in 1984 during Sikh genocide

NEW DELHI—Er. Manwinder Singh Giaspura and Bhai Darshan Singh Gholia, leaders of the Hondh Chillad Taalmel Committee, told Sikh24 that they have asked DSGMC President Manjit Singh GK to share details of ongoing petition in Punjab & Haryana Court against four senior officials.

“We met with President Manjit Singh GK to inquire about the progress in the case. We also submitted a memorandum to demand inscription of names of the victims of Hondh Chillad massacre on ‘Sach Di Kandh’ along with brief history about this barbaric carnage,” they said.

‘Sach Di Kandh’ is a project initiated by the Delhi Shiromani Gurdwara Management Committee to inscribe names of 1984 anti-Sikh massacres victims. The walls has names of victims who fell victim to the massacres in November 1984. It has details of victims from Delhi area and other parts of India, however, it doesn’t include information of those who were killed in Hondh Chillad.

“Manjit Singh GK hailed our efforts and said that the DSGMC had tried its best to include the names of India-wide victims of Sikh genocide. He added that the names of left victims will also be inscribed within short time,” Manwinder Singh told Sikh24.

“Manjit Singh GK has assigned the responsibility of inscribing names of 32 victims of Hondh Chillad massacre on ‘Sach Di Kandh’ to DSGMC S. Chaman Singh,” he said.


  1. DSGMC organisation is worthless . In thirty four plus they couldn’t collect the number of Sikhs killed in the 1984 genocide . Please don’t waste your time going after these people I mean officials of DSGMC. Just think for a moment wasn’t it the duty of so called Mr. GK to get hold of you( S. Manwinder Singh and others) than the other way around.


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