Sikh Activist Reminds SGPC of Pending Hondh Chillad Memorial Work

Remains of building at village Hond Chiller (Haryana) which was ruined in 1984 during Sikh genocide

LUDHIANA, Punjab—President of the Hondh Chillad Taalmel Committee Er. Manwinder Singh Giaspura told Sikh24 that he has high hopes on the SGPC President Gobind Singh Longowal to finish the pending memorial projects.

“I met with the SGPC President S. Gobind Singh Longowal to apprise him of the legal status of under trial cases pertaining to Hondh Chillad massacre.  We also sought his help in seeking a memorial in memory of the victims,” Giaspura told Sikh24.

“We have told told S. Gobind Singh Longowal that the SGPC executive team led by the former President Avtar Singh Makkar had passed a resolution with Reference No. 584 on August 5, 2013 to erect a memorial of Hondh Chillad massacre.  The [SGPC appointed] Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh had even laid the foundation stone of the proposed memorial but there was no further development in this concern since then,” he added.

We sought his immediate attention so SGPC can complete the project as soon as possible.  Manwinder Singh Giaspura further asked the SGPC to  publish the report of Investigation Commission headed by Justice T.P Garg in the form of a Book so that this historic report could become a document of Sikh history.


  1. This SGPC in last 33 plus years couldn’t come with exact figure on how many Sikhs were killed in 1984 gulughara. You expect them to build a memorial to victims at Hund Chiller.


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