1984 Genocide Survivor Threatens to Ablaze Himself if Government Continues to Delay Justice

NEW DELHI—Speaking with Sikh24 earlier today, Kuldeep Singh Bhogal, president of the All India Sikh Genocide Victims Relief Committee blamed the Union Government of India for delaying justice to 1984 genocide victims. He threatened the Union Government of severe consequences if it doesn’t submit the long pending status report which is being requested by the court.

“If the Union and Uttar Pradesh Government don’t submit status report about 1984 Sikh genocide incidents in Kanpur, I will set myself ablaze.  This seems to be the only way to seek attention of the Government,” he added.

Notably, Kuldeep Singh Bhogal had moved a petition in the Supreme Court seeking investigation into killings of 127 innocent Sikhs in Kanpur during Sikh genocide in November 1984.  Following the petition, the Supreme Court had issued notice to the India & Uttar Pradesh governments directing them to submit status report on December 6.

File Photo: 1984 anti-Sikh massacre in Kanpur

Kuldeep Singh Bhogal said that the chances of submission of status report by the Union government of India and Uttar Pradesh government seemed negligible as no ground work has been observed in this regard.

“For past 30 years, we have not received any justice except for lip service.  Time and our patience is running out,” he said.  “Indian Government will be responsible for my murder,” he added.

A total of 127 Sikhs were murdered in November 1984.  Massacres of Sikhs also took place in other parts of the country, including Delhi and Haryana.  Massacres continued for several days as mobs continued to kill and ablaze Sikhs and their property without any intervention from the police.


  1. Please don’t play into the hands of these RSS rulers of the country. You have to stay alive and keep pushing for justice. At the same time it is the duty of all the Indian minorities living in diaspora to keep the issue alive in front of the international media.


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