Rape Accused Langaah Surrenders After Evading Police For 5 Days

GURDASPUR, Punjab—Former senior SGPC member, Sucha Langaah, surrendered to a Gurdaspur court yesterday, amid protests by Sikh groups.

Langaah and his legal counsel arrived at the Gurdaspur court yesterday, and was taken into police custody to be held on remand for five days.

At the time of his arrival, around 50 activists from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee were protesting against him and also burnt his effigy.

Langaah complained he feared police torture would be inflicted on him, upon which, it was assured a full medical test would be conducted before any further action was taken.

He had earlier attempted to hand himself in at Chandigarh court but was refused, and told he must submit at Gurdaspur.

Langaah is accused of rape after a female constituent was taken advantage of when she came to Langaah for help. He coaxed her into an intimate relationship, despite being married, upon which the woman setup a hidden camera to record one of the sexual encounters, a video that since went viral on social media circles. 



  1. Vahiguroo Jio bhul chuk muaf asee akritkran sikh jo Guru Gobind Singh Jio Balidaan atey Bana Nu maya vich rultey phirtey:(_/\_
    Nevertheless, it is a frame up if victim is shouting rape but video recorded her rape in action?

    • This was ongoing for many many years. Looks like she had finally had enough and recorded the video. Lets be honest, nobody was going to believe her that sucha was a perverted dog. All the rest of his perverted dog buddies (badal and friends) would’ve covered for him and possibly murdered the girl without this video.

      • Totally agree with you joeginder, Sucha should have kept his third leg in his Kaccha. This Man’s a total disgrace and anyone who protect’s him are not Guru’s Sikhs. The 5 Ks taken together symbolism that the Sikh who wears them has dedicated themselves to a life of devotion and submission to the Guru and he has not.

  2. To be honest it;s a disgrace that a man of his caliber having an affair, he’s disgraced himself and Sikhism as well. We want proper Leaders that we can look up to.

    • You call him a sikh bhainchoda. Hes a nakli balatkari hindu with a turban. He likes having sex with women while hes married. He cheated on his wife. Hes a dirty pig. And hes amritdhari representing sgpc, people like that should be teaching to do good things not raping women and cheating on their wives. Your a nakli akali pig looking after your piglettes filthying up this world.

    • Your wrong he’s had sex with another women therefore both have committed Sin. If she recorded this than she has her reasons – maybe no one would have believed her.


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