Message To Punjabi Film Makers From A Fan

NEW YORK, USA—A heartfelt plea to Punjabi filmmakers has been ‘vlogged’ by a Sikh daughter who is a self-confessed fan of Punjabi movies.

Tejkaran Kaur happens to be a law student from New York, and in the video, she spends a few minutes explaining that she and her family appreciate Sikh and Punjabi films and recognizes the significant contribution that they make to the culture of Punjab.

She makes an honest plea, rather than a criticism, which we had to share due to the very kind and understanding method with which her feelings were shared, despite the quite serious nature of her subject matter.

View the video below…

There are a lot of hang-ups in the Punjabi and sometimes, sadly, even the Sikh community, with issues like caste discrimination and inequality towards females, just to name a few. 

The kind and candid nature with which Tejkaran Kaur makes her point is certainly worth considering by the Punjabi movie industry. 




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