British Airways Refused Water To Turbaned Sikh Lady On Flight

LONDON, UK—A young turbaned Sikh woman has alleged discrimination on a British Airways flight while traveling to Delhi, via London, from Vancouver to London.

She posted her complaints on her Facebook page, highlighting that she was first not served water and later not served food, when other passengers were being served.

She then had to make specific requests after being ignored, before she was served. She lodged a complaint with British airways, once landed and shared her experience online.

Harsharn Kaur hails from Mohali, Chandigarh, and is a deputy producer at ABP Sanjha, a prominent Punjabi media channel. 

She later shared, “While the flight from Heathrow to New Delhi was very comfortable and there were no issues but quite a few Punjabi passengers shared their similar past experiences with me”.

Upon arriving in New Delhi, she was then interviewed by Indian news channels, where she shared her feelings and experiences during the flight. She is yet to receive a reply from British Airways.



  1. When the unexpected happens how can you record this? Amritdhari Sikh is not going to lie, especially if it has happened to other …. The sooner British Airways realise discrimination and dismiss this individual Monica the better before she does this to other.

    • As an old saying for the business to improve or survive…take it as……’Customer is always right’..!! Why not airline investigate this with other fellow passengers who were sitting closeby and also other airline staff…!! Not always a phone or video recording is possible..!!


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