Haryana Delays Case Relating To Police Ignoring Duty During 1984 Sikh Genocide

Remains of building at village Hond Chillad (Haryana) which was ruined in 1984 during Sikh genocide

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—In a petition moved against the Haryana government for not taking action against police responsible for the dereliction of their duty during the Hondh Chillad massacre, the state government of Haryana has sought more time from the Punjab & Haryana High Court to lodge a reply. The hearing of the petition was conducted by a High Court bench headed by Justice Haripal Verma on September 26.

The High Court has allotted six weeks to the Haryana government, deferring next hearing onto November 8.

The case relates to an incident where 32 Sikhs were brutally massacred by the Hindu mobs in village Hondh Chillad of Gurgaon (Haryana) during the genocide of Sikhs, during November, 1984. The local police stood by as the attacks took place. Mass graves at the massacre site were rediscovered in January 2011 by Manwinder Singh Giaspura. A similar massacre had also occurred in nearby Pataudi.

After the carnage became public knowledge, the Haryana government had appointed a Commission, led Justice TP Garg. On the recommendations of this commission, the Haryana government had distributed compensation to the victims but didn’t take any action against the cops until the current case was opened.



  1. Genocides happen when you have
    1) Kings as rulers
    2) Dyansties as ruler.
    They some how think that it is their DIVINE right to rule.
    Other people being children of LESSER GOD’S.

  2. 1984 was an conspiracy between the
    Indira Congress and Margert Thatcher Britian to occupy the THRONE of India by doing Genocide of Sikhs.
    It was an Game of Thrones.

  3. Yes Guru Nanak rejected all the Hindu idol worshipping. My point is that Hariyana decided to divide after all this time claiming they wanted to be separated from Punjab.

  4. God Krishna certiany exists as all Yadav’s are his followers.
    Several of our Gurus name are derived from Mahabharat and Ramayana .

    1) Mahabharat derived :–

    a) Guru Arjun Dev
    b) Guru Har Kishan
    c) Guru Angad
    d) Guru HarGobind.
    e) Guru Gobind Singh.

    2) Ramayana derived :-
    Guru Ram Das

    Guru Nanak device father was an HINDU till he took off his Janave
    Guru Teghbahadur name was Tyag malji.
    Sodhis have there origin from the Sodhal Rajputs of India.

  5. No one is sure of Krishna or any other gods or goddesses worshipped by Hindus … We do not worship Wahe guru Waheguru is name of Akaal Purakh One Creator of whole universe and beyond. We believe in Akaal Purakh and this since Guru Nanak’s times not in the 1960’s when the Hindus with the help of the Hindu master split Punjab they want to worship idols – good luck!!

    • As for minorities they have had and continue to have the best of times in India.
      Most of Minorities have Hindu ancestry and have converted to new Religions in world due to variety of reasons.
      They were no Muslims or Christians in India 2017 years ago.
      Muslims today are nearly 14 percent of population and Christians are nearly 2.5 percent.
      Both have ruled India under the Mughal and British rule.
      States in India like Kashmir have Muslim majority and in North East several Christian majority states exist.
      So all minorities are having a gala times in India.

  6. Hindu Harinder you seem to understand Empire and planets more than anyone else – why don’t you stop what is going on in around the world – you really are on a different plant!!!
    Hariyana who are radical hindu crowd separated from Punjab for the very reason they do not want to live with the Sikhs and of course they will now not be in favour for the Sikhs to get Justice. This is India…. corrupt disgusting who hates minorities……..

    • My children don’t listen to me.
      How do you expect the rest of the world to listen to me.
      As for Haryana they worship God Ram and God krishna worshipping people.
      Since in Sikh Theology God Ram is regarded as an King .
      I am not sure of God Krishna status
      The people of Haryana decided to stick on with there earstwhile God Ram and God Krishna as Sikhs had started worshipping Wahe Guru.
      So they parted ways with Punjab.

      • Well the reason that Sikhs joined Indian Union in 1947 was
        1) Sikh leaders had factories and business interest outside Punjab . A Seperate Nation meant loss of those factories.
        2) Sikhs were never in Majority in any part of India though they were rulers of Punjab of Ranjit Singh .
        3) Empire having Dismantled the Sikh Empire of Ranjit Singh in 1848 was in no mood to have it resurrected.
        4) They rather created two New Nations India and Pakistan out of Kingdom of Ranjit Singh.
        5) Sikh history is deeply entwined with India .
        a) Our 10 th Guru came from Bihar.
        b) Our 5 beloved came from all parts of INDIA.
        c) Inderlok the country where our ancestors lived since Mahabharat times been an integral part of India’s history.

        Lastly creating and destroying Nations are favourite past time of EMPIRES.

      • They were not Sikh leaders but business men. Had they had not had have selve interest then make-be millions of Indians may not had died in Indian partition.

      • 1984 was a GAME of THRONES in which the aim was to De Sikhify India by doing an Genocide and blue star of Sikhs.
        The aim was to sit on the THRONE of India .

        Sikhs who were the Ruler’s of Punjab till 1847 are today .

        1) Dispersed all over the Globe
        2) Doing Debt Suicides.
        3) becomig Drug addicts


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