Sikh MP Sits With Virgin Atlantic To Discuss Direct Flights To Amritsar

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, a UK member of parliament, announced in the last few days that he has sat with senior members of Virgin Atlantic and other major international airlines, to discuss the high demand for direct flights to Amritsar, Punjab, from the UK.

Many entrepreneurs have previously launched and failed private airlines, providing direct flights to Amritsar. So Dhesi’s efforts to reintroduce these flights have been a welcome 

Some commentators believe that political interference from senior figures in the Indian establishment, who wish to reduce Punjab’s reach and influence, due to an apparent innate bias against Sikhs, have led to the closure of previous direct flight endevours to Amritsar.

Whatever the reason, the Dhesi’s outreach to push for this much demanded service has re-ignited interest from major airline companies.

“Within our hour long session, I presented various facts and figures about the potential of a very lucrative route to the global tourist capital Amritsar, visited by millions each year. I highlighted the incentives being offered by the Government of Punjab, and the overwhelming wishes of the Punjabi diaspora within my Slough constituency, Britain and beyond”, said Dhesi.

He added that Virgin Atlantic’s Senior Manager of External Affairs and Virgin’s Head of India Operations have promised look into this very seriously and make a decision in consultation with other senior people in the firm.



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