Arms Dealer Implicated In 1984 Sikh Genocide Faces Lie Detection Test

NEW DELHI, India—The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) advised a court that a polygraph test will be performed on arms dealer Abhishek Verma, between October 3rd to the 6th.

The Court of Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Amit Arora, was also advised that the test will be performed in a Government Forensic Laboratory, situated in Rohini. Meanwhile, the court has deferred it’s next hearing to October 30.

The CBI have long been demanding the conduction of a lie detector test on Jagdish Tytler and arms dealer Abhishek Verma in a case pertaining to the killing of three innocent Sikhs in the Pulbangash area of Delhi on November 1, 1984. Jagdish Tytler has already been given a clean slate three times in this case, but the case was once again reopened with the constitution of the Special Investigation Team by the central government in February 2015.

Initially, the two accused had refused to undergothe test but later, Verma told the Court that he was ready to undergo the test, providing adequate security was ensured.

Abhishek Verma is accused of helping Jagdish Tytler in bribing the chief witness of case by transferring a large sum of money to his son in Canada. Although the Court was requested by the probing agency CBI to allow the test conduction on Jagdish Tytler, the court had refused to do so by saying that it couldn’t force Tytler to undergo it.



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