SHOCK: Security Cancelled For Witnesses of 1984 Sikh Genocide – Just Days Before Trial Conclusion

REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

NEW DELHI, India—Condemning the Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi State government for revoking security for chief witnesses of cases pertaining to the 1984 Sikh genocide. Notably, 9 Sikh genocide cases are expected to conclude within the next few days.

The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has announced it would provide security for these witnesses.

Speaking to Sikh24, the DSGMC President Manjit Singh GK said that the DSGMC would never let perpetrators of the Sikh genocide to attempt to scare the chief witnesses. He added that the Delhi state government has boosted the confidence of the perpetrators by pulling back the security shield for the witnesses.

“Currently, we are providing security on a temporary basis but we are also making efforts to meet the Delhi Police Commissioner and the Union Home Minister to have the security shield reinstated for witnesses”, he added.

Manjit Singh expressed hope that the perpetrators of 1984-Sikh genocide including Congress veterans Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar would be punished for their crimes soon.



  1. The news is false.
    Delhi Police is not under Delhi Govt but under Centre . So Delhi police is taking orders not from Delhi Government but from Central Govt. AAP has not withdrawn the security but Bjp govt has withdrawn security. To blame AAP for this is wrong

  2. 1) Genocides
    2) Military operation like Blue star are

    Standard Operating Procedures by which EMPIRE maintains the world order with help of CLIENT ARMIES throughout the world.
    No justice or apologies are ever issued by EMPIRES for its actions.

  3. Congress is an Empires party who has been assigned duty to administer India on behalf of EMPIRE.
    Mr Jarnail Singh when he rebeled against Indian state got the whole community into direct confrontation with the WORLD ORDER established by the EMPIRE..
    Moral of story
    Indian Nation is part of that world order established by the EMPIRE.
    We Sikhs lost our independent Nation in 1848 after Anglo–Sikh war.
    EMPIRE then went on to create two new Nations India and Pakistan in 1947.

  4. The only one’s Rebelled in Delhi were crazy Hindus who murdered and raped innocent Sikhs.

    London will never be like Delhi. For one the police and army would not stand by and let Innocent people be murdered and raped. Britain has real democracy values while India does not.

    • You are wrong.
      The Rebellion was furst begun by Mr Jarnail Singh with his band of boys in response to an provocation by Nirankaris who are EMPIRES Friends.
      The community under cohesiveness turned a blind eye to the Rebellion.
      It ultimately required an military operation and a Genocide to quell the Rebellion.

  5. My advise is do not Rebel against an WORLD ORDER established by EMPIRE.
    If you do then in this world the EMPIRE will quell it using all means available to it.
    India is part of common wealth of Nation .
    A Rebellion in Delhi is as good as Rebellion in London.
    The response will be the same.
    Secondly don’t fall in TRAPS.
    Don’t be an
    1) Fanatic
    2) Fascist
    3) Rascists
    4) Hyper Nationalists
    5) Imperialist.

    We are all SPACE TIME TRAVELLERS to distant planets , galaxies and parallel Universe’s.

  6. India is still ruled by the Foregin power ” THE EMPIRE”
    indirectly by C 4
    1) Congress party and Gandhi family
    2) Constitution given by Empire
    3) Client Army
    4) Common wealth Grouping.

    The standard SOP of in EMPIRES LAW for an Rebellion in its Realm is
    1) Genocide
    2) Military operations

    with no apologies or justice.
    The day we get JUSTICE for Jallianawala Bagh we will also get for Genocide-84.

    • Well there’s no alive from Jallianawala Bagh massacre to charge, is there Harjinder, therefore no justice will be delivered. This was the start of Indians independence.
      On the other hand the 1984 perpetrators are still alive, so it’s the courts duty to charge and sentence the perpetrators.

  7. Jallianawala Bagh massacre happened when india was ruled by a foreign power.
    1984 massacre happened when Indians own killed their own citizens.
    Indians don’t want an apology – anyone can say sorry with crocodile tears- Indian citizens want Justice.
    The perpetrators of this horrific crime must be brought to justice.
    The whole world knows what happened, but India is in denial as such it’s a third world weak democracy.

  8. This just means that India calls itself democracy has no value for minorities especially not for Sikhs – Sikhs are always in chardi kala – what happens to the disgusting rulers protecting society.

    • India is an British Empire construct made by dismantling several small Nations and reassembling them into an new Nation.
      Now the Empire administers India by C4 and any REBELLION will be dealt as per EMPIRES LAWS enshrined in the CONSTITUTION.
      The WORLD ORDER is maintained on the planet Earth by the EMPIRE through an assembly of Nations called UN.

  9. Even our 10 Guruji said
    1) Chadi Kala
    2) If you love the game of life then walk with your head on your hand.

    So Delhi boys learn to be
    1) Chadi Kala
    3) Phoenix like

  10. Genocide is an Standard opersting procefure (SOP ) done by EMPIRE against all REBELS on planet EARTH.
    No apology or justice is given for an Genocide as per SOP.
    Congress the EMPIRES friendly party follows this SOP.
    Have we got an apology or justice for Jallianawala Bagh massacre.
    What makes us think that Genocide – 84 will be different.


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