President of India Orders Sikkim Govt To Secure Gurdwara Sahib

NEW DELHI, India—According to information shared by the DSGMC’s General Secretary, Manjinder Singh Sirsa, the Indian President, Sri Ram Nath Kovind, has directed the Sikkim government to take necessary steps to ensure the security and existence of Gurdwara Guru Dangmaar Sahib.

The step has come after Buddhist fanatics had forcibly removed the Holy Scripture of Sri Guru Granth Sahib last month and had attempted to convert it into a Buddhist prayer place.

Situated at an altitude of 18,000 feet at Indo-Tibetan border, Gurdwara Dangmaar Sahib was established in 1971 by and for Sikh army men.

Extending vote of thanks to the President Sri Ram Nath Kovind, Sirsa informed that he had raked up the issue before President some days ago acting on which President Kovind has issued instructions to the Sikkim government. He added that he had thoroughly elaborated the historic importance of Gurdwara Guru Dangmaar Sahib before President Kovind.




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