BREAKING: Gutka Sahib Desecrated in Rajasansi

AMRITSAR SAHIB—The ever in increasing number of desecration incidents in Punjab show know sign of decreasing after yet another incident today.

Even after the collapse of the SAD led government in Punjab, and great promises by Captain Amarinder Singh’s Congress government, to control desecration incidents, the episode of desecration of Gurbani Scripture is still continuing.

An unfortunate incident of desecration of a Gutka Sahib (smaller sacred prayer book containing Gurbani from Guru Granth Sahib) has once again occurred. The Gutka Sahib was reportedly found vandalized in ward nine of Rajasansi town, situated on the outskirts of Amritsar Sahib.

According to the fresh reports, a Police team led by SHO Prempal have arrived at the incident location, and has begun their investigation.

Representatives and activists of several Sikh bodies have also arrived in Rajasansi and are preparing to cremate the vandalized ‘Gutka Sahib’ as per Sikh rituals and trace guilty culprits.



  1. We need to move ahead with technology.. let’s start encouraging the Sangat to use smart phones instead of Gutlas to do Paath. I know it’s easier said than done but this is probably the only solution.

  2. Don’t get provoked or Violent
    It is an TRAP. By the EMPIRE.
    You will get an label of

    1) Terrorists
    2) Khalistani

    Then we will be going back to 1980-90 Punjab
    with Blue star’s and Genocides.


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