Behbal Klan Tragedy: United Akali Dal Asks Justice Ranjit Singh To Review CCTV Footage

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Speaking with Sikh24 on September 11, Bhai Gurdeep Singh Bathinda said that they are awaiting response from Justice Ranjit Singh regarding the CCTV footage.  “Our delegation headed by President Bhai Mohkam Singh on September 4 handed over the CD of CCTV footage of Behbal Klan tragedy to Justice Ranjit Singh led Investigation Commission,” he said.

“The Congress led Punjab government had appointed a new investigation commission led by Justice Ranjit Singh to probe the Behbal Klan tragedy and other desecration incidents occurred in Punjab during October 2015.  He hope to see justice delivered to the victims,” Bhai Gurdeep Singh Bathinda added.

“Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had annulled the report submitted by Justice Zora Singh by terming it as an inconclusive report,” he said.

“The Police cops headed by IG Paramraj Umranangal can be clearly seen setting ablaze a Tata Ace vehicle, breaking the sound equipment placed in the vehicle, cane charging and opening unprovoked firing on peacefully protesting Sikhs,” S. Bathinda said.

S. Gurdeep Singh Bathinda said that the IG Parmraj Umranangal was appointed in Ludhiana at that time but was specially called on spot to open firing on the peacefully protesting Sikhs. He added that the details of Umranangal’s phone call need to be investigated thoroughly as it will unearth hidden facts behind the shooting incident.

S. Gurdeep Singh Bathinda further informed that Justice Ranjit Singh has ensured them of delivering justice to the victims and bring the culprits to justice at the earliest.

It may be recalled here that on October 14, 2015 two Sikh youths namely Bhai Krishan Bhagwan Singh and Bhai Gurjit Singh were shot dead by the Police in an unprovoked firing opened on the peacefully protesting Sikhs. Several others were also injured in the firing while peacefully staging protest against the inability of Police to trace missing scripture of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji which had gone missing from Burj Jawahar Singh Wala in June-2015.


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