Sikh Gurdwara In Hollywood Vandalized In Possible Hate Crime

HOLLYWOOD, California, USA—Vermont Gurdwara Sahib (otherwise known as Hollywood Sikh Temple) was vandalized in a possible hate crime, when a man wrote a message on the outer walls with felt marker. A member of the public witnessed the incident and began filming on his mobile phone.

The scribbled text appeared to be a raging nonsensical message and the vandal is actively being sought by the police. The witness who challenged the vandal posted the video on Facebook.

Man Vandalizes Holly Gurdwara Sahib
Watch this video on YouTube.

The video clip has been viewed nearly a million times on Facebook as many think that the vandalism may be the work of a delusional man.

Sevadar Nirinjan Singh Khalsa said, “This particular incident isn’t a matter of swastikas and ‘go home, ragheads,’ which we get sometimes,” Khalsa said. “This seems to be a diatribe by someone who may or may not be mentally imbalanced.”




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