City of Fresno Approves Resolution in Memory of Shaheed Jaswant Singh Khalra

File Photo: Jaswant Singh Khalra

FRESNO, California, USA—On Thursday, August 31, 2017,  Fresno City Council members unanimously passed the resolution to rename the Victoria park located on Clinton and Barley to Shaheed Jaswant Singh Khalra park.  Five council members voted in favor, while two were absent.

Shaheed Jaswant Singh Khalsa was a Sikh banker who had unearthed proof of over 25,000 cremations of unclaimed dead bodies.  These were extrajudicial murders committed by the Punjab Police in the early 1990s.  

On September 6, 1995, Jaswant Singh Khalra was picked up by the Police outside his house, and taken away. He was was kept in illegal confinement at the house of a Police Superintendent named Ajit Sandhu in Tarn Taran district.  This is where he too was murdered by the Punjab Police.

Sikh youth and adults filled the Fresno City Hall as they awaited their council members to vote on this critical issue.  Several arrived here from other parts of the valley, including cities such as Selma, Fowler, Parlier and Madera.

“I thought we were just naming a park, but we are doing much larger than that.  I am touched by the life of Jaswant Singh Khalra,” said Garry Bredefeld, Council Member.  “Sikh community has done so much for our city and you are all involved in so many ways.  This is much larger than just naming a park.  This is saying you matter to us and that you are a big part of Fresno.”

“We honor our future as this park naming will be a permanent landmark in the city of Fresno, marking our presence and our pursuit for the values that Jaswant Singh Khalra gave his life – justice, truth, sovereignty, and human rights,” said Deep Singh of the Jakara Movement.


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  4. Jaswant Singh Khalra you name will always shine around the world and thank you for all those voted to ensure the great humanist is remembered forever. Empires can go to hell as they have come and gone before.

  5. We lost our Nation long time back in 1847-48 .
    Thanx to the Empire.
    We will have to accept this as a
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