10 Years For Crying Rapist Who Once Tried Mocking Guru Gobind Singh

PANCHKULA, Haryana—The CBI Court of Panchkula has delivered a 10 years sentence for rapist ‘Guru’ Gurmeet Ram Rahim in a case pertaining to threatening and physically assaulting two female disciples. He was found guilty under sections 376 (rape) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code, by the court on August 25 and was delivered sentence following a deliberation between defense and prosecution lawyers today.

Exactly ten years ago in 2007, this cult head tried to mock Guru Gobind Singh by attempted to emulate His robes according to famous Sikh artwork depictions. He even attempted to create his own amrit, as if to copy the ambrosial nectar that is administered by Panj Piare (five beloved ones).

Today, however, sources inside the court shared that Gurmeet Ram Rahim started shedding tears as soon as the CBI Court’s judge passed 10 years imprisonment for him.  He also refused to leave the court room while weeping loudly but he was taken out of the Court room forcibly.

Sources shared that the defense lawyers pleaded for a lighter sentence in view of his philanthropic work. However the prosecution lawyers sought longer imprisonment for Gurmeet Ram Rahim to serve an example. It is learnt that the CBI has already moved an application for a longer prison term for Gurmeet Ram Rahim. The Defence lawyers have since announced that they will challenge the sentence in higher Punjab & Haryana High Court.

Latest updates reveal that the medical examination of Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been performed and he is being taken to Rohtak jail. He will be given the prisoner’s dress and will be assigned a cell in Rohtak jail.   

Thousands of soldiers are guarding the Rohtak jail and the army is on stand-by. No civilians are being allowed within 10 km circumference of the prison.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim still has five other cases pending against him, including murder.



  1. He bit more than he could chew.

    1) Handling 300 girls at the same time is like sitting on a ticking Time bomb. Raping landed him into jail.
    2) He annoyed all the powerful men snd fellow Godmen with his activities and life style.

    If you Aspire to be a GOD then
    stay away from women folks.
    Don’t annoy powerful people.

  2. Finally got what he deserved trying to abuse Hinduism, Islam and Sikhs. It is right that political parties creates these jhoota deras for their own benefit to use a VOTE BANK. What is so unreal is that his followers still worship him knowing what crimes he committed – all his followers brain washed low thinking individuals.
    What would be good is to hear from Gurbachna and others of SGPC who forgave him without an apology and they must kicking themselves.

  3. Court has clarified that it is 10 years for each rape, for a total of 20 years. It will not be a concurrent term so he will have to spend 20 years. He has been asked to pay 16,965 British Pound to each rape victim or her family.

  4. Today we think it’s good, sikhs could not kill him, otherwise his crimes would have gone with him. These deras are. created by political parties for their benefits, all this type of deras should be closed. Most of the time the heads of these are criminals, rapists or & muderers.


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