Ram Rahim Sentencing Tomorrow – Mobile Internet Blocked in Punjab & Haryana

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Sursa cult leader, Gurmeet Ram Rahim will be sentenced tomorrow at 2.30pm (IST) and the state government has extended the mobile internet ban as it further expects violent disturbances by cult followers.

Ram Rahim faces a minimum of seven years of jail but usually, actual spent time is half the given sentence. 

The widely dubbed spiritual fraud still has a strong following of poor village folk who have had medical and home donations from the multi-millionaire.

8000 paramilitary police have been sequestered for Punjab’s streets after over a 130 deras (campuses) in Punjab and Haryana were raided by security forces, who recovered petrol bombs and AK-47 rifles in them.

The current rape case was registered against the cult leader in 2002 by the CBI, at the behest of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, after anonymous letters were circulated about the alleged sexual exploitation of two female followers by Gurmeet Ram Rahim himself.

Many are accusing the administration of political motivation after having taken so long to try the case. Ram Rahim, as with other religious leaders, are often pampered and grovelled to by Indian politicians, as a technique for securing a large vote percentage.




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