VIDEO: 5 Facts On The Indian Partition

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Video by the Sikh Press Association

August 15th is the day millions will openly celebrate the “Independence of India”. However, millions of others will not. The partition of India resulted in what many feel was one of the darkest periods in modern history.

Please note, Lahore is not the capital of Pakistan but the capital of Punjab state in Pakistan.

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  1. Remember EMPIRE NEVER

    1) Forgives
    2) Forgets

    Be a REBEL and rest be assured any one will be packed of to Heaven or Hell where ever he has been allocated a room.

  2. Nation building and destruction are favourite past time of Empires.
    Punjab was divided into two in 1947 by Empire because it

    1) It fought Anglo–Sikh war in 1948
    2) It produced Rebels like Bhagat Singh
    3) It participated in Quit India Movement.

    EMPIRE HATES REBELS to the WORLD ORDER it has created to run the world.

  3. 1947 happened because our SIKH LEADERS were caught with there PANTS DOWN.
    The new generation will have to clear the Mess left over by our ANCESTORS.

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