Killing of Punjabi Pastor Linked to Facist Hindu Terrorist Group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

“People who killed him were surely monitoring his activities,” says Pastor Sultan Masih's son

LUDHIANA, Punjab—Pastor Sultan Masih, who was gunned down in Ludhiana on July 16 while standing outside his church, had previously been confronted and threatened by members of the violent Hindu nationalist organization, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

According to reports by a Christian news outlet, fellow pastor Balwinder Kumar said RSS members quarreled with the pastor on several occasions and accused him of converting Hindus to Christianity. Kumar reported the RSS members warned Masih to cancel the anniversary celebration. “RSS activists accused him that, ‘You Christians get paid for converting people,” said Kumar.

Masih’s son, Alisha Masih, offered further details. In May, he said, the Temple of God Church which Sultan Masih co-founded had celebrated its 25th anniversary. According to Alisha, men approached his father after the celebration and demanded to know how he paid for it. They asked him if they could get money to “convert.” His father refused to offer anything and said “those who had converted had done so because they had come to believe in Jesus.”

India’s current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, joined the RSS as a child and began working as a full-time volunteer in 1971 at the age of 21. The group, according to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (PDF link), promotes “an ideology of Hindutva, which holds non-Hindus as foreign to India.” Modi proudly confirmed his acceptance shortly before becoming Prime Minister in 2014, stating: “My identity is of a Hindutvawadi.”

The RSS was founded in 1925 to promote an ideology of a “Hindu” India. Its membership is estimated at approximately 6 million, and its members participate in daily, weekly, and bi-weekly at one of approximately 60,000 shakhas (units). Only Hindu males are allowed to join. The RSS operates as a paramilitary organization, adopting a uniform of brown pants and a white shirt. RSS members drill, exercise, parade, train with weapons, partake of ideological training, and often march in formation through towns in various regions of India.

MS Golwalkar, who was the national leader of the RSS from 1940 to 1973, articulated the group’s ideology when he wrote in 1939: “Non-Hindu people of Hindustan must either adopt Hindu culture and languages, must learn and respect and hold in reverence the Hindu religion, must entertain no ideas but of those of glorification of the Hindu race and culture…. In a word, they must cease to be foreigners, or may stay in the country, wholly subordinated to the Hindu nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment — not even citizens’ rights.”

“RSS is India’s number one terrorist group,” said former Maharashtra inspector general of police S.M. Mushrif in 2015.

The RSS and its many affiliates have been directly linked to a number of large-scale massacres in the past 35 years. In 1984, for instance, RSS members were implicated in a genocide against Sikhs in Delhi. In 1992, Member of Parliament L.K. Advani led a mob of RSS members to destroy a disputed mosque in Uttar Pradesh, after which up to 3,000 Muslims were killed in riots. Again, in 2002, RSS members under the leadership of Gujarat State legislators took to the streets to slaughter approximately 2,000 Muslims. In 2008, Hindu nationalists were linked to the massacre of 70 Christians in Odisha State. RSS members have also been linked to bombings, including the 2007 Samjhauta Express train bombing, as well as targeted violence against Christians all throughout India.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), to which Prime Minister Modi belongs, acts as the political wing of the RSS. However, according to Mushrif: “It is immaterial which party is in power.” Instead, he blames a deeper root cause — a widespread embrace of the Hindu caste system which advocates a hierarchical order of society with Brahmans, the highest caste, at the top. As Mushrif said, “It is the system that is working, it’s the Brahmanical system. And when I say Brahmanical, it doesn’t mean the Brahman, it’s the mentality, the attitude to dominate and oppress.”

“Brahmanism will use any means to divide people, whether caste, religion, or race,” said Bhajan Singh, Founding Director of Organization for Minorities of India (OFMI). “Brahmanist elements have been caught on multiple occasions orchestrating false-flag terror attacks with state-sponsorship, such as in the Chittisinghpura Massacre in 2001. All victims of this oppression should be proactive to expose these methods and deny these supremacists any success.”

Singh added: “Brahmanism denies people the right to make their own free choices. The Brahmanical system despises the ability of free people to choose and change their religion. They have a cynical view of conversion because they falsely believe members of any religion only exist as statistics and bodies to empower the ruling elite.”

Controversies about conversion in India have been ongoing for years. One particular controversy erupted in Agra, Uttar Pradesh in December 2014 after RSS affiliates forcibly converted 250 Muslims to Hinduism. Offered ration cards and government housing on the condition that they convert, the Muslims attended a Hindu sacrificial ceremony, after which they were told they had become Hindus. The organizers promoted the event as a ghar wapsi (homecoming) ceremony, indicating that the Muslims were returning to the “home” religion of India. Subsequently, they announced their intentions to “reconvert” all Christians and Muslims to Hinduism.

Five states in India currently have active “anti-conversion” laws which generally require government permission before changing faiths; several other states are considering similar laws and the BJP-controlled Union Government has threatened to pass a national law. However, according to United Nations official Heiner Bielefeldt: “The laws are… applied in a discriminatory manner in the practice of ‘reconversion.’” Those converting to Hinduism are not subject to the same strictures as those converting to any other faith from Hinduism.

“Mob violence against minorities by the RSS and targeted killings all have the same goal as the anti-conversion laws,” said South Asian Affairs Analyst Pieter Friedrich. “The goal is to use every possible means of force to compel people to identify as Hindu whether they want to or not. Instead of relying on peaceful persuasion to convince people, these extremist elements are relying on brutal coercion.”

“The people who killed him were surely monitoring his activities because they waited for the time until he was alone,” concluded Alisha Masih. “Our father was a courageous man, and he was never afraid to die for Jesus.”

Punjab’s population is nearly 60% Sikh. The Sikh religion was founded in Punjab in 1499 in direct contradiction to the prevailing Hindu caste system. Its teachings and rejection of caste requirements have provoked the hostility of RSS and similar extremist elements throughout the centuries.

“The state of Punjab is very safe in India for Christians,” said fellow pastor Paul Tamizharasan. Praising the relationship between Christians and Sikhs, he explained: “There are Sikhs living here — they are also a religious minority. We are also a minority.”

Pastor Sultan Masih is survived by his wife, Sarabjit, and four children.


    • Even the European pagans finally gave up worshipping stones and animals long ago.

      You know, those Europeans who were your masters for awhile. Those Europeans you chase after…..please, please, please accept us!! Look, we’re whitening our skin to look like you, we wear the same clothes as you….come back, rule us again.

      • Shamer, did you see the report about Indian army sending Sikhs to counter the Chinese recently?….because of their build and fear they instill……clearly no crack Hindu regiment! ha ha haaaa.

        And where did these Singhs get their strength from? Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj!

      • Europeans also do not have the final word on God.
        Rather no one has.
        God is an Mystery and will always remain an Mystery to every one who decides to understand him.
        He is beyond human mind to comprehend.

    • Harish say with PRIDE we are Hindus.
      Worship passionately all the Gods you like from
      God Ram
      God Krishna
      God Brahma.
      33 Crore Gods
      Let no one distract you in your worship including Balbir and Hardeep.

      • Worship who you like :-)

        Although don’t let the Brahmins fool you into thinking stones and rocks contain God or divide you based on caste.

  1. You people have devided humans in four classes & even God in three gods, & then 33 crore Gods. Stop dividing & hating people, one day dalits & Hindus will devide you (people with Brahminical soch of hate & division) in pieces when they will stop worshipping stones & animals & started worshipping One God.

  2. Harish Khan sharma, this shows the bankruptcy of your brain, you don’t have words to defend yourself so you starts barking, but your barking will not change the truth of your Brahminical & communal soch.
    Minorities understand your soch.
    One day, poor Hindus who are unable to fulfill their basic needs, God will stand with them & they will understand that RSS, BJP is just fooling them in the name of Ram & Hinduism & ruling & have all the luxuries of life & poor Hindus are suffering, then there will be change in their life & you people won’t find way to run.

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    • Poor, poor….poor…..low caste….ignorant, angry Hashish. Stay in your caste and accept your fate. Many Sikhs who left Hinduism have achieved mukti from Hinduism.
      Doesn’t even understand Hinduism :-(
      Doesn’t understand the consequences, for him, of what he’s saying.

      I know feel very sorry for you bhita.

  4. “Chore machae shor ” all over the world people know RSS, BJP & other hindutva parties arre attacking & killing minorities in India.

    • Yes Harish and the
      1) Genocide 84 was done by aliens
      2) Destruction of Golden Temple was done by aliens
      3) Extra Judicial Killings ,Rapes ,Arsons and pillage was done by aliens
      4) Bedabi of Guru Granth Sahib happens in India
      5) Our Water and Punjabi speaking areas and Capital is denied to us by aliens.
      6) On asking for more rights we are labelled as TERRORISTS and KHALISTANIS.

      Harish REMEMBER you don’t own INDIA.

      India belongs to all INDIANS who live in it .

      We would like to see the next PM of India from

      1) Kashmir valley
      2) Nagaland

  5. We are the people who is getting killed and we are the people who are bad . 3.5 Lakhs Hindus got killed in Kashmir . Millions of Hindus killed by Muslims and still being killed by Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh . Their girls are being raped by Muslim extremist , sold and resold , the innocent men’s are being killed . I am not looking for mercy from no body . My dharam is to fight and I will keep on fighting. No matter what is the result

    • so why are you on Sikh website insulting Sikhs, who have done nothing but fight tyranny in ‘your country’?

      Your beef is with the Muslims, go into the next mosque you see and explain it to them? Coward.

      • Maybe it’s all down to Indira Khan….she married a Muslim and changed her name to Gandhi….maybe the whole family is really out to kill all Muslims?? Next time you get to vote, ask your local MLA. Coward.

      • Indira Gandhi has gone and no one is bothered.
        The country has got better PM since the Gandhs left the THRONE of India.

    • You pussy cat, why don’t you do something about it and have a discussion on a HINDU website. Lol. You’re a typical rss/sena bitch.

    • You are right Harish.
      Kashmiri Pundits have been driven out of there homeland Kashmir.
      Afghanistan,Pakistan Bangladesh have no more HINDUS left there.
      Systematic ruthless ethnic cleansing has been done in these Nations.

  6. Be careful of
    1) Fanatics :— as we learnt in 1947 and 1984 events
    2) Fascists :— as in WW II
    3) Racists :— as by Aryans in WW II
    4) Imperialists :—as in Jallianawala Bagh event
    5) Hyper Nationalists :— As in 1947 and 1984 events

  7. Hahaah harinder and hashishs comments are sooo funny. They reveal their true discriminatory, perverted, hateful, and murderous identities.
    Look at how they are jumping around here as if they have chilli peppers on their ass. Oh man, i was literally laughing at how buffoonish their comments are.

  8. These people with Brahmanical soch talk about animal rights but never about human rights. “Save animals & kill humans who are not Hindus “

      • You are all wrong.
        Pundits have been all bioted out from there home land Kashmir.
        FOREGIN hand is in every nook and corner of India.
        We all are MONITORED by the EMPIRE.
        SOVEREIGNTY is an ILLUSION for Nations because even German President is wiki leaks showed.
        My advise to all of you. Is not to REBEL against the GODLESS CONSTUTION .
        It can badly hurt people as you saw in 1984 with a
        Blue Star
        Genocide -84 with no Punishment.
        byBRITISHERS physically left in 1947 but they. Left us to be ruled by C 4
        1) Constitution
        2) Congress
        3) Client ARMY
        4) Common wealth Nations
        5) Many other methods which I to am not fully aware.
        Moral :- DON’T REBEL.

  9. Harish & Harinder are two faces of same soch like RSS & BJP. One attacks directly & the other puts all the sins of RSS, BJP & other Hindutva forces on Empire to misguide people.

    • Try again REBELLION against the British Empire dictated CONSTITUTION and see the consequences.
      My Friendly advise to all of you is not to Rebel against the CONSTITUTION inspired by any ideology or religion.

      • Harinder Sharma, do you troll on other sites? Please let me know, your nonsense makes me laugh..especially your Hindufied view on Sikhi.

        Are you the same low caste as Hashish Sharmer? Both of you are clearly uneducated.. but I guess you’re happy with that as you respect the caste system and your place in it. Clearly higher castes haven’t got time to waste trolling people.

      • Thats why you’re not a Singh, you’re a bloody pussycat. You would still be licking the shit off the boots of the british and calling them daddy, if it was up to you. If you don’t know, there was a lot of changes WORLDWIDE, and not just the british leaving india. One more thing dum dum, the constitution is incomplete. The Sikhs NEVER signed off on it.

      • We may not have signed the CONSTITUTION but we are still administered by that BOOK.
        In this system of Governance NATION takes priority over people .
        People can face severe punishments for disobeying the CONSTITUTION.
        It has the status of HOLY BOOK in a NATION.

      • So you think the EMPIRE has gone.
        Every single activity of your is monitored by the Empire.
        1) Your name and Friend’s
        2) Which all places you go to
        3) How much you walk and how much. you drive.

        The BIG DADDY monitors all of us

  10. The reaction of this Killing is already being felt in USA where 2 Sikhs have been Killed.
    Be careful of EMPIRES and its game plans.
    Don’t fall in the TRAPS of EMPIRES.
    Punjab police to keep a close vigil on CRIMINALS.

  11. This Killing is by an SUPARI KiLLER.
    It is done by EMPIRE forces to defame the fair name of PUNJAB.

    They will now start calling people of PUNJAB as

    1) Anti- Christ
    2) Terrorists
    3) Khalistanis
    4) Gog and Amogs

    They will seek Blue stars, Genocides Rapes ,Arson and Pillage of people of PUNJAB.
    Be Careful they have the capacity to take Punjab back to the 1980-90 Indira- Bhinderenwale Punjab.
    Be careful the Regime of 1980-90 is BACK to complete there agenda of
    DE- SIKHIFICATION of Punjab and India.

    • In your famous number list, you left out rss terrorists and shiv sena terrorists. You. Actually left out all hindu terrorist groups which are biggest threat to indias democracy and ability to be a super power in this world.

      • The only reason the world gives India the time of day is because they can sell their goods to the Indian middle class. Otherwise you’d be treated the same as Pakistan and Bangladesh.
        I find it highly amusing Indians bullying Pakistan and yet crying and running away when a bigger foe attacks them… Jai China!

  12. Whichever crack head thinks RSS is fascist and terrorist outfit,don’t know shit how terrorists are.have some guts and enquire how much the outfit has done for the rural people especially in the coastal regions. Its an univerversal fact that religion conversions primarily take place through two ways:Threat or Greed.The Hindus are least bothered to adopt unfair means to propagate their religion. It’s really funny and laughable that preachers of the religions with most number of followers are the most insecured ones….always searching for an opportunity to cry foul.

  13. Thanks OFMI, for all the information! This information should be circulated in the whole world, so that these parties stop doing what they are doing against humanity.

  14. Garv of what?
    Killings & toturing minorities?
    For more than 2300 years, you people have totured dalits.
    Hindus (sindus) are not bad, they are human beings like us, but RSS a black scar on humanity who hates everyone except people with Brahmanical soch.
    In India everybody believes ” live & let others live ” I don’t know what’s wrong with RSS?

  15. Hindus never Kill any one in name of Religion.
    The 1984 Sikh Genocide happened when the state could not control Jarnail Singh and his militant activities in name of Sikhism.
    The Godhara was a Riot in a Riot Prone India due to so many terrorist attacks from neighboring Pakistan.
    The Christian Killing in Orissa was an isolated event and the culprits have been booked .
    Hinduism is the FINEST RELIGION known to mankind
    Jai Sri RAM
    Jai Sri Kishan

    • Harinder, you seem to be schizophrenia. Are you Sikh or Hindu?

      You cannot cross the ocean in two boats.

      Hinduism is the finest religion? Please elaborate….last time I checked inequality wasn’t a good thing!

      • Sikhs and Hindu both together.
        Call it Double- Religion.
        Religions are not oceans or boats to cross.
        If you still decide to give that similarity then the my Boat is
        Double- Boat.

      • As for equality all men are born equal and die equally.
        They how ever don’t achieve equality in life due to factors like hard work, intelligence or destiny.
        PM Manmohan became a PM however his brother did not.

      • Sikh and Hindu is NOT together. Sikhi is a separate path, unfortunately for Hinduism, exposes the shortcomings of Hinduism and is a thorn in the Braham’s side. There is truth in Hinduism, but you and Hashish clearly haven’t found it yet.

        All men ….and women…don’t forget them ;-)

        The rest of what you’ve written is ….drivel!

        I knew you wouldn’t understand the quote about oceans and boats…never mind.

      • My advice to you is to consider Religion as a Hotline to God rather than Ocean and boats.
        It is good to have hot lines to all GODS because all God’s have some thing good to say.

      • Harinder Sharma….no idea what you’re talking about do you??
        I imagine your views are more related to Hinduism with it’s myriad of Gods and Goddesses. Sikhs know there is ONE God… no need to hedge your bets. So I don’t need you flawed ramblings (it’s not advice!)

    • Funny how Hinduism only really exists in India…even Islam has spread more.

      As for Santa Ji, well I wouldn’t expect any other response on his life from brain washed low caste Hindus. He fought against tyranny!

    • Lying cheating filthy hindus are the ones who openly murder loot and plunder anyone. No morals, no dignity, no history since becoming slaves to the EMPIRE. Not all hindus, some are great honest people, but im talking about your harinder hashish type of hindu(thief).


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