California Sikhs Join Other Protests against Mob Lynchings in India

SAN JOSE, California, USA—On July 16, Sikh activists joined protests to express outrage against the lynchings of minorities in India.

The protest was organized by The Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA) in San Jose, as ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi was elected, the killing of minorities via mobs have skyrocketed.

Along with Sikh Activists, several other groups joined the protests, including the Multifaith Voices for Peace and Justice.  A similar protest is scheduled to take place in New York on July 23.

Protesters held banners against the killings of minority communities, especially Muslims and Dalits in India.

Sandeep Singh, a Sikh activist from the Central Valley said, “Today, we have gathered in San Jose against the RSS who have carried out the killings of innocent people, including the Dalits, Muslims and Christians in India.”

“It is a need of the hour to expose the reality of India, which displays itself as a secular nation, but continues to oppress minorities,” he said.

Other protesters held signs such as “India – Hostage to Hindutva?” and “Beef Ban is Cultural Fascism”.



  1. I have seen lot of Sikh families are converting back to Hinduism and saying that Sikh religion is inhuman and they are ashamed that we left Hinduism and now they want to come back . They said other people should be ashamed who leave Hinduism and become Sikh

    • Agreed, these Right-Wing Hindu terrorists are so desperate not to let the common man have an alternative to leave Hinduism.

      Thankfully there are Hindus leaving Hinduism without harassment in other countries. A recent conversation with a friend confirms this…he was a Hindu who experienced a healing miracle at Bangla Sahib is now leaving Hinduism and encouraging his whole family to as well.

  2. Lynching is wrong.
    The culprits need to be booked.
    The love of Hindus toward Cows needs to be expressed through legal means.

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