BREAKING: Supreme Court Gives Punjab & Haryana Authority To Settle SYL-Canal Issue

NEW DELHI, India—Following a hearing on the contentious SYL-canal issue, the Supreme Court of India today gave liberty to the disputing states of Punjab and Haryana, to reach a settlement. The apex court also directed the union government of India to act as an intermediate between Punjab and Haryana to sort out the issue.


Appearing before the court on behalf of union government of India, the Attorney General KK Venugopal submitted that the union government was making attempts to break the standoff between two states on this issue. He further said that the SYL-canal issue was a sentimental issue for members of the public of both states.

The court has also ordered Punjab and Haryana government to stop all agitations related to the Sutlej Yamuna link canal. The court also took issue with the Punjab government for cancelling the agreements pertaining to SYL-canal construction. The Supreme Court warned the Punjab government that it can’t overturn court orders.

It is learnt that the legal counsel of Punjab government argued that several issues had come up in executing the orders of the court whereby the state was obligated to complete the construction of the canal in its territory.

But the bench replied, “You can’t overturn the orders of this court. You must comply with the decree and finish the construction first.”



  1. The right answer is to solve this SIMPLE problem is :-
    Just Reunite Punjab ,Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.
    It is a mess created by 1966 politicians
    If EU and Germany can reunite then so can we.
    Alternative sources of water to be made available by
    a) Desalination of Sea Water
    b) Recycling of Water by SPACE STATION Technology
    c) Drip Irrigation technology.
    d) Linking Rivers of India

  2. harinder,
    stop denying that this hind rss dictator plan canal will TOTALLY ROB PUNJAB ITS WATER SUPPLY if it is built!
    So if your family has no water supply in your own home, how is that simple and peaceful you manipulating hind low life?!

    • Let people live freely out of free choices your words Harjinder, then majority Punjabi don’t want to share their water with Haryana. Punjabi have had enough of being told what to do, we are not children.

  3. Let them Speak Hindi.
    How does it matter.
    Once they will become one state the water problem will get solved on its own.
    Let us make life simple and peaceful.

  4. Hindus wanted Punjab split they wanted Haryana because they did not want to speak Punjabi, Now they want Punjab waters- Well rid of the name Haryana and call it PUNJAB again.also make Punjabi the the main language.

  5. Just Reunite Punjab ,Haryana and Himachal Pradesh
    The 1966 politicians have created this mess and we in 2017 have to sort it now
    If Germany and EU can reunite then so can we.
    We are after all Brothers.


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