Indian Govt Wants To Punish “Referendum 2020” Campaigners

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Expressing anger and frustration at the promotion of the “Sikh Referendum 2020” campaign, spearheaded by the US based human rights body Sikhs For Justice in Punjab, the BJP unit of Punjab has asked the Congress led Punjab government to take immediate action to remove this material from Punjab.

Addressing a press conference on July 2 at Chandigarh, BJP’s state Vice Presidents Harjit Grewal and Iqbal Lalpura asked the Punjab government to not only remove these posters and hoardings but also punish the persons responsible for designing, printing and displaying the material on their buildings. States secretaries of BJP Vineet Joshi and Vijay Puri were also present in this press conference.

The opposition leaders said that though Punjab CM Amarinder Singh had been quite vocal about “SFJ’s Khalistani agenda”, his government had turned a blind eye to these posters.

CM Amarinder had to cancel his Canada campaign tour last year after SFJ had moved a local court there to block his visit. After being elected as the Chief Minister of Punjab, he had refused to meet Canadian Defense Minister, Harjit Singh Sajjan, saying that he was a Khalistan supporter. The CM had also commented on Sajjan’s link to, as he put it, “separatist organization SFJ”.

“SFJ’s Anti-India campaign in the US and Canada and the material put up by them across Punjab seems to be a part of Pakistan’s ISI’s plan to create unrest in India,” they alleged.

“We cannot allow such anti-national organizations to further Pakistan’s agenda on Indian soil. If you cannot act; we will act and remove all the hoardings,” BJP has told the state government.

Meanwhile, SFJ’s legal advisor Gurpatwant Singh Pannu has reacted sharply to the BJP by saying that the BJP would have to face serious consequences if they attempt to remove the Referendum 2020 hoardings. 



  1. Just wait and watch and enjoy this Game of Throne.
    They removed the SIKHS from the Game of Throne by the Genocide 84 and a Blue Star.
    Sikhs then have either Fled India are are still suffering from Post Traumatic stress disorder.

    The Target this TIME is the BJP leader PM MODI

    They will make it difficult for him to rule India by stoking communal fires in KASHMIR and BENGAL.

    All these Salafists and Wahhabis are on the pay roll of the EMPIRE to pursue its goal of

  2. The Empires men are trying to put India on the BOIL as BJP is ruling India .
    It is a “RAM RAJYA ” in India these days after 643 AD when the first Mughal Empire began.
    So the EMPIRE wants India to be in chaos and disorder by igniting

    1) Communal forces in Bengal and Kashmir
    2) Language forces in South
    3) Naxaiite forces in central India
    4) Separatist Forces in Punjab

    Soon they will be dispatching KASAB -2 across the border.

  3. Indian Government fearful of small country Pakistan…. haha….. what are they going to do when China takes control….. This BJP idiotic government is no wise enough to face such large powers like China when they fear Pakistan. Another way of controlling minorities by saying this is lined to ISI in Pakistan. BJP need to wake up and face the challenge they now have from CHINA. If any state need to be crushed is the RSS BJP the dictators and they will in time. Referendum and voicing for your rights is a sin in revolting India.

  4. Why the BJP afraid of only hoardings? Peaceful demand for khalistan is allowed by the supreme court, but killings of Muslims & dalits in name of beef or cow is not allowed.

  5. Many rulers came & gone with the winds of time who wanted to finish sikhs, a kaum created by God to finish sinners & help the weak people. Maybe the final fight between communal forces & those people who want justice & equality for all communities Sikhs, Muslims, dalits & Hindus whom the rulers don’t give the basic needs food, clothes, & shelters but only the different types of lollipops like ram mandir, cow savers, beef eaters nothing more than that & making lot of money by demonitization & trying to control the leather & beef business in their own hands.

  6. The terrorists are on free run in Punjab , need of another blue star like operation in Punjab again , but this time job should not be half done . Should be finish them forever

    • Haha… blaming Pakistan again…..because it’s clearly nothing to do with the Right-Wing Hindu’s anti-minority stance, anti-freedom stance, anti-humanity stance.

      Indian Government learned their lesson last time…no Blue Star….unless it’s the stupidest of leaders wanting to sign their own death warrant.

  7. This Nations building and dismantling is such an Enjoyable Game that every one wants to play this

  8. This is the Games of THRONES and Regime change the EMPIRE is playing again

    1) 1848 : After the Anglo- Sikh war the King of Punjab is Dethroned and whisked to Great Britain
    2) 1947 : Two new Nations are built by the Empire and Pliant Leaders made its rulers
    3) 1947 to 2014 : Congress Rule and Nationalist forces rule keep Caliphate and Khalsa Forces curbed with an IRON HAND.
    4) 2014 to 2017 : Power in India captured by the Right wing BJP party
    5) Time for EMPIRE to again execute Regime change

    Activate all forces which will disrupt BJP rule

    1) Kashmir Insurgency is activated
    2) Punjab independence is being given a resurrection
    3) Naxalite Movement being activated

    The favorite past time of EMPIRE in building and dismantling NATIONS is going on again.
    This time the Target is the BJP Ruler PM Narinder Modi to disrupt his RAM RAJAYA .
    The Forces being harnessed are the forces of

    1) Caliphate
    2) Khalsa Raj


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