BBC News Agrees To Include Punjabi Language On News Site

LONDON, UK—The BBC has confirmed that a Punjabi (Gurmukhi) language viewing option will be included to it’s online news portal later this year.

“Punjabi Vikas Manch UK”, a campaign group by Shinder Mahal has beeen lobbying and petitioning the inclusion of Punjabi with the BBC and has been in negotiations with them in regards to the inclusion.

“Punjabi is not just a language. It is a symbol and recognition of a distinct entity of people”, said the organization.

Tireless campaigning, seminars and strong petitions from the Sikh community, spearheaded by the PVM group have enabled this successful outcome.

Whilst discussions are ongoing, an envisioned completion time of October/November has been tentatively given as the launch time.



  1. Hashish ‘Besharama’ the Snake rears his boothi again? When a Singh roars these twisted Bahmans run off with their tails between their legs, just like the bandhar sena.

  2. This is potentially welcome news for the millions of Punjabi readers worldwide but will the content/narrative provided by the BBC also recognise the interests “of a distinct entity of people”?


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