SGPC and Badal Party Launch A Religious Preaching Effort From Damdama Sahib Takht

TALWANDI SABO, Punjab—The SGPC today launched a ‘Dharam Parchaar Lehar’ from Takht Sri Damdama Sahib by holding a ‘Gurmat Samagam’ at Gurdwara Guru Kanshi of Talwandi Sabo. The SGPC has aimed to promote Sikh philosophy by attracting common Punjabi towards Sikhism by acquainting them with Sikh history, Sikh values and Sikh code of conduct.  

Following the culmination of Sri Akhand Path Sahib, renowned raagi jathas of Bhai Harjinder Singh Sri Nagar wale, Bhai Rai Singh, Bhai Lakhwinder Singh, Bhai Inderjit Singh Bombay etc, sung Gurbani verses in melodious tones. Sikh preacher Giani Pinderpal Singh also delivered religious discourse on this occasion.

Addressing the Sikh masses present, SGPC President Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar said that living life as per the Sikh code of conduct was a duty of every Sikh for which the Sikh ideology and Sikh history are our path enlighteners. He added that the ‘Dharam Parchaar Lehar’ was an attempt to preach Sikhism among common Punjab masses for which trained Sikh preachers will be sent in all villages of Punjab who will work under the supervision of the SGPC member for the concerned constituency. He further said that efforts will be initiated to spread this ‘Dharam Parchaar Lehar’ all over India.

SGPC appointed Jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib Giani Gurbachan Singh and Jathedar of Takht Sri Damdama Sahib Giani Harpreet Singh hailed the SGPC’s initiative of launching ‘Gurmat Parchaar Lehar’ to preach Sikhism among common masses. The duo also appealed to common masses of Punjab to support SGPC’s initiative.

Chief of Damdami Taksal, Harnam Singh Dhumma said that inspiring upcoming generations towards Sikhism was our primary duty. He added that the religious bodies, educational institutions and the parents of children need to act in coordination to achieve this goal. He further said that the entire Sant Samaj including Damdami Taksal was ready to offer every kind of help to SGPC in this ‘Dharam Parchaar Lehar’.

President of Shiromani Akali Dal Sukhbir Badal, Member of Parliament Bibi Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Former Akali Minister Sikandar Singh Maluka, SGPC’s Senior Vice President Baldev Singh Qaimpuri, SGPC’s Junior Vice President Buta Singh, SGPC’s executive member Bhai Ram Singh, Bibi Joginder Kaur, S. Gurcharan Singh Grewal, etc. were prominent among the present Sikh personalities.



  1. Throw these uneducated goons who are nothing more than RSS people in Sikh uniform. They have destroyed Sikh community and the religion. They are complete failure in progressing Sikh faith but very successful in their covert operation to destroy the Sikh panth and merge it into main stream Brahmin faith.

  2. What , are you serious, headed by a gunda, murderer Dhuma more disguised as a pretentious goodman and disgusting traitor like Gurbachana and this old fool of SGPC…these are all masants. They conduct anti-sikh activities all day long. To all sikh keep away these fools and traitors of the sikh panth. Time to get back out panth from these morons. Dhuma is a wanted man in the USA. Why does anybody not know this. He is not even a indian citizen. He is an enemy within the sikh path.

  3. SGPC first sit down and follow the order of Guru Gobind Singh ji and that is ” Sikhs have to follow Guru Granth Sahib ji ” as our Guru and nothing else. Our parcharks should just preach what is written in Guru Granth Sahib ji . As long as these people keep on pushing Bachitter Natak on the Sikhs we are not going to get ahead, but instead we are going to be doomed.

  4. We need a sikh peacher like bhindranwale not sikh leaders who change positions by putting flowers on hindu leaders and touching hindu politicians feet .

    We need strong sikh leaders who speak both languages , justice for all sikhs even if that means the barrel of the gun or sweet words with humblness.

    We still remember 1984 , hindus used sweet words like sikhs are our brothers and we all know the aftermath, both in the golden temple and in india capital were thousands of sikhs were burned alive , murdered, and their daughters raped and still no justice for the sikh who lost their loved ones. Just a thought to keep in mind.
    Also remember what the hindu traitor did to the last 10th guru sons, google it.

    More sikh sant solders like bhindranwale and less sikh badels suck up politicians.


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